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These easy-to-use Globe Ice Lantern Kits contain the essential supplies and instructions you need to start making beautiful Globe Ice Lanterns. The kits, or the lanterns you create, make wonderful and unique gifts for family, friends and neighbors! Enjoy the Glow!

The Starter Kit makes 3 globe ice lanterns; the Deluxe Kit makes 6 globe ice lanterns; and the Ultimate Kit makes 12 globe ice lanterns. The fun doesn't have to end there. Once you've fallen in love with the beautiful glow cast by your ice lantern creations, you can purchase as many replacement balloons as your heart desires.

14 reviews Starter Kit $ 19.99
11 reviews Deluxe Kit Sold Out
6 reviews Ultimate Kit $ 49.99
Starter Kit Holiday 3 Pack with bonus Santa Map $ 59.99 $ 69.99
1 review Ultimate Kit With Battery LED Lights w/remote control $ 64.99
Special Event Bundle - Ice Luminary Kit $ 99.99 $ 139.99
Starter Kit - Case of 12 $ 199.99 $ 239.88