Ultimate Kit With Acrylic Crystal LED Light Strips

The Wintercraft Globe Ice Lantern Ultimate Kit is for the ice lantern enthusiast or someone who wants to go a tad "ice luminary crazy" at their next gathering! This kit has everything you need to make both large and small globes ranging from 8-30 lbs. The finished globes can vary from a soccer ball size to a large basketball size.


The Ice Lantern Ultimate Kit includes:

Detailed Color Step-by-Step Instruction Guide

12 Premium Globe Ice Lantern Balloons

12 Clean-burning Premium Candles

4 Easy-close Balloon Clips

2 Balloon-Shaping Freezing Base - Small

2 Balloon-Shaping Freezing Base - Large

2 Insulating Disks (to enable making in a freezer for year 'round use)

2 Waterproof LED Acrylic Crystal Light Strips

Makes 12 Globe Ice Lanterns

Made in USA.