Sharing the Glow

Sharing the Glow

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Sharing the Glow

Kids gazing into a Bundt Pan Ice Lantern Wintercraft

In times where we are discouraged from gathering, it is even more important to do things that make us and others feel like we are part of a community. Great and small, communities can foster a sense of well being just by doing simple acts of kindness. For Tom and me, that means sharing the beautiful glow of ice lanterns with our neighbors.

This winter, a glowing ice lantern on your front step sends a message of hope, beauty, and light. And sharing your photos on Instagram, Facebook, NextDoor, or Pinterest will invite the world to join your community. That's what Sharing the Glow is all about!

Midwest LIving Magazine December 2020Twin Cities Live Wintercraft The Ice Wrangler talks about making ice lanterns

Join us! Spread some joy and a sense of togetherness this winter by adding the magic and beauty of ice lanterns to your neighborhood, and then share it with the world!

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Wintercraft's founder Jennifer Shea Hedberg talks about some of the inspiration for Sharing the Glow in her recent blog post at

Ready to take on bigger projects?

Wintercraft's DIY Ice Lantern Kits contain the essential supplies and instructions you need to start making beautiful Globe Ice Lanterns. For even more creativity, "Ice Wrangler" Jennifer Shea Hedberg's inspiring book Ice Luminary Magic is filled with project ideas and step-by-step instructions that will let you experience the joy and beauty of creating with ice.

Ice Luminary Magic