About Wintercraft

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What is a Globe Ice Lantern?

A Globe Ice Lantern is a stunning sphere of ice with a hollow cavity where a candle or LED light can be placed to light it up!  A Globe Ice Lantern can be displayed outdoors, indoors as a centerpiece, just for fun, or to add a little magic to a special occasion . . . Wintercraft kits take an ancient craft and make it new! 


How to Start Making Globe Ice Lanterns

Creating Globe Ice Lanterns with the Wintercraft system is fun for all ages, an easy craft to learn, and can be done at anytime of year (Globe Ice Lanterns can be made in a freezer). Check out our list of fine retail stores or shop online to find the kits and supplies needed to light a globe ice lantern in your own corner of world. Also, we encourage you to attend one of our events where we'd love to meet you in person.  Jennifer Shea Hedberg, Wintercraft's founder, also has a blog with tips and tricks.  


Special Events

Create a sensation by commissioning Jennifer Shea Hedberg and the other Wintercraft artists to light up your next special event. Ice Lantern magic makes for a very memorable event . . . and we'd be honored to help. See Custom Creations for more information.

Enjoy the Glow!


Wintercraft founder Jennifer Shea Hedberg

A Little History 

Jennifer Shea Hedberg began creating ice lanterns as a child - in all shapes and sizes. Over time, she developed ways of making Globe Ice Lanterns that beguiled all who saw them. Hedberg began a winter landscaping and decorating business after news of her unique system spread. A friend and boutique owner suggested the idea of designing a DIY kit that could be sold in her store. After a quick sell-thru, Wintercraft was born.


About Wintercraft Globe Ice Lantern Kits Jennifer Shea Hedberg

About Wintercraft

In 2009, Hedberg designed her first Do-It Yourself Globe Ice Lantern Kit and launched her Wintercraft business. Wintercraft Globe Ice Lantern Kits are carried in stores throughout the US and Canada.