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Deluxe Kit With Acrylic Crystal LED Light Strips

The Wintercraft Ice Lantern Deluxe Kit is for the person who wants to get a good start at the craft of making globe ice lanterns or has fallen in love with the activity and would love to make more and experiment!


The Deluxe Globe Ice Lantern Kit includes everything you need to make both large and small globes ranging from 8-30 lbs. (just add water!). The finished globes can vary from a soccer ball size to a large basketball size and can be displayed indoors or outdoors.

Our best selling Deluxe Kit now with LED Light Strips


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The Wintercraft Ice Lantern Deluxe Kit includes:

Detailed Color Step-by-Step Instruction Guide

6 Premium Globe Ice Lantern Balloons

3 Easy-close Balloon Clips

2 Balloon-Shaping Small Freezing Bases - Small

1 Balloon-Shaping Freezing Base - Large

1 Insulating Disk (to enable making in a freezer for year 'round use)

2 Waterproof LED Acrylic Crystal Light Strips

Make 6 Globe Ice Lanterns with this kit. Made in USA.