What is an Ice Lantern?

An ice lantern is a wondrous shell of ice, the center of which glows with radiant light. Mixing fire and ice is as timeless as the world's first lamp-lighters and Wintercraft Ice Lantern Kits take an ancient craft and make it new. Ice lanterns of all shapes can be displayed outdoors or indoors for fun, or to add a little magic to a special occasion. Enjoy the Glow!

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Ice Lanterns

Meet the Ice Wrangler

For three decades Jennifer Shea Hedberg and her family have been creating globe ice lanterns—magical, glacial candle-holders—all year ‘round. Jennifer’s passion for ice luminaries is centered around her belief that ice lanterns are born from a true marriage of art and science.

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Custom Creations

Wintercraft® Custom Ice Luminary Creations are ice lanterns in all shapes and sizes incorporating globe and bucket ice lanterns and/or organically-shaped ice glass and other forms. Lit with candles or LED lights, custom creations can be used indoors or outdoors and can also be mixed with greens or flowers. A globe can be delivered to the front step of loved one for a personal celebration or an elaborate display of multiple globes and ice glass can be created based on your needs and desires.

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