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Ice Lanterns: Nature's Wonder

Stunning Globe Ice Lantern lit with Candlelight

*** MIDDLEMOON CREEK UPDATE: Sunday, February 25, 2018** Happy Sunday everyone! Thanks to all that came out to enjoy the glow the last three nights. Many have asked about a potential "relighting".. The majority of the volunteer crew that puts this together is zonked (and in need of recharge for the week ahead). The challenges of working in the BEAUTIFUL snow yesterday trying to get things lit were particularly exhausting... so rest and being outdoors in this amazing glorious weather are the actions for the day!.. Thus, to answer the question, there is not a relight tonight. It's possible a few luminaries may be lit by neighbors, but one never knows, if the weather stays wintery for a spell, we may give it one final go sometime within the next few weeks... stay tuned! (if not, there's always next year!). Again, thanks for all the kind words - seeing all the smiling faces and neighbors seeing each other along "Middlemoon Creek" makes it all worthwhile. PS. We love to see pictures so feel free to share or send on to info@wintercraft.com. Thanks! ***


   Globe Ice lanterns — enchanting, glacial candle-holders — are enjoyed indoors and outdoors all year ‘round. You and your friends will marvel at these wondrous spherical shells of ice, the center of which glows with radiant flame. Mixing fire and ice is as timeless as the world's first lamp-lighters. As a present day fun and beautiful creative endeavor, ice luminaries appeal to young and old alike.





We are so pleased to be able to offer the kits and replacement supplies to make Globe Ice Lanterns through Wintercraft®. The creation of the kits has been a labor of love through years of trial and error. More about Wintercraft's history.


We ask that you remember that the making of ice lanterns is as much an art as a science, so there is always going to be a scenario where things work out differently than you planned. So, the trick is to plan on being surprised and all will be well. Enjoy the Glow!

New to Ice Lanterns?

Watch the "How to Make Ice Lanterns" video below or visit FAQs, Celebrations & Uses, and History & Chemistry


Enjoy the Magic of Ice Luminaries

Listen to Jennifer Shea Hedberg, founder of Wintercraft, share the simplicity and beauty of globe ice lanterns.

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