The Fluted 5-Gallon Ice Lantern Mold - NEW!

  • The Fluted 5-Gallon Ice Lantern mold is larger than the original mold found in the Fluted Ice Lantern Kit and also has specially designed air chambers to produce a fluted design in the ice that is so incredibly beautiful and easy to make!
  • We designed the mold to fit perfectly inside your standard 5-gallon bucket. The bucket holds the mold upright while the ice lantern freezes. Looking for a 5-gallon bucket? You are sure to find one in your garage, basement or a local home improvement store.
  • Can be used in a freezer or outdoors, field tested to 20 degrees below.
  • Light it up with LED lights or candles.
  • “Ice Wrangler” tested and approved! 

The creation of our revolutionary reusable ”fluted ice” mold is the compilation of over 60 years of Ice making experience. The team at Wintercraft worked hard to design molds that not only produce ice lanterns that are a useful size and, of course, have a fabulous fluted shape, but are also incredibly easy to use. Fun for all ages and makes a great gift.

Inflated mold size is approximately 13" tall, with a diameter of 10". Ice lanterns made with the Fluted 5-gallon Ice Lantern Mold are approximately 12.5" tall with a diameter of 9.5 and is slightly tapered to allow for easy release of your ice lantern.

Includes: One Fluted 5-gallon Ice Lantern Mold and basic instructions with a link to more detailed instructions in the Wintercraft Learning Center.

For even more fun, look at our Ice Luminary Magic "Fun with Ice" Deluxe Pack which includes the mold from the Fluted Ice Lantern Kit (smaller fluted) and "The Bucket" Ice Lantern Mold.