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Ice Luminary Molds

Over the past 30 years making Ice Luminary’s in buckets when we designed out new Ice Luminary Mold we looked at what we liked and disliked about a bucket to make Luminary’s. After over a year of designing and testing we believe we have made the best Ice Luminary Mold on the market:  Perfect size and shape, Lip-Lock top, tested to -20 degrees, fluted sides and large handle.  

Since our Ice Luminary Mold looks so much like a bucket we nicked named it “The Bucket”.  In your Ice making journey anytime you see some one using a bucket, including our own Ice Wrangler you can use our Ice Luminary Mold “The Bucket”.    

Ice Luminary Mold "The Bucket"
Ice Luminary Mold "The Bucket" $ 19.99

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