A Winter Lover's Lane

Jennifer Shea Hedberg | 13 February, 2012 | 1 Comment

WHAT: Lighting up a small, semi-wild space along the Minnehaha Creek with globe ice lanterns and bucket lanterns large and small.
WHEN: February 14, 2012.
SET-UP TIMING: Anytime during the day, but we will be lighting around dusk. The candles should stay lit until midnight or so.
OUR HOPE: That people will come to enjoy the glow of the evening.
WONDERFUL IF: people who love ice lanterns will bring one or more of their own ice lanterns to share - we will bring some extra candles.
WHERE: The strip of creek that links Lake Harriet in Minneapolis, MN to the Minnehaha Creek. LOCATION LINK
QUESTIONS: Contact us through email at info@wintercraft.com or on the WINTERCRAFT Facebook Page.
"Without warning as a whirlwind swoops on an oak.
Love shakes my heart." Sappho
Spontaneity has been the subtext for our marriage of 24 years - in fact this Sappho quote was written into the text of our wedding invitations. So it should not surprise anyone that we have decided to do something … impulsive.
While Tom and I were walking our dog along the little stretch of creek that connects Lake Harriet to the Minnehaha Creek in Minneapolis, MN, we thought of an idea … a perfectly wonderful idea.
Mother Nature has sent us a little bit of cold weather to play with recently and for that we are grateful, but warm weather is again looming and it would be a shame if the few beautiful ice structures we were able to create melted away without a chance to be lit and enjoyed.
So tomorrow, on Valentine's Day, Tom and I are going to bring down to that little strip of creek near Lake Harriet, some ice pedestals and globes to create a Lover's Lane, so to speak. It already is quite charming at night, but hopefully, with a few well placed globes and a few hearts to warm, it will become magical.
BRING AN ICE LANTERN: If you live somewhere near Minneapolis and have an ice lantern or a few that you have made and would like to help us light up the creek, bring them down - we will bring extra candles!
If you are spending the evening with loved ones, or going out for a romantic Valentine's dinner, throw a warm coat in the car and take a post-dessert stroll.
Tom and I will be lighting up lanterns around dusk and will be strolling for a bit after. All who bring love in their hearts are welcome at any time, as the candles should stay illuminated well into the night.
If you live out of town or can't make it down, check in later, for we hope that the experience will be captured in a way that can be shared.


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