Winter Lover's Lane Reflections

Jennifer Shea Hedberg | 15 February, 2012

Last night was wonderful!

Tom and I loved that friends and neighbors who received our note, came out to see the ice lantern display along the creek and even brought friends!

It was especially delightful to see the moments of true serendipity:

People out for their constitutional with their dogs who walked through wondering what was happening. We heard several times, "Is someone proposing?"  

People in cars who pulled over and quickly parked to run down to the creekside, completely taken in by the surprise of the find - 80 ice lanterns of all shapes and sizes lit by candles.

Complete strangers (now new friends in our hearts) that helped light.  Just out for a late afternoon stroll, they altered their plans and spent an hour embracing something different - thanks!

Carloads of kids who ran through it screaming, "Hey, there's a big red one!"

The couple walking hand in hand enjoying the quiet moment together.

Tom and I are thrilled that we were able take the extra lanterns (that did not fit into our freezer) that would have melted in this week's heat and put them out for other people to enjoy. It is a win-win situation.

The temps this week will be brutal to the lanterns by the creek, but if they don't disappear they will become crystalized and, in my opinion, even more beautiful. We will most likely attempt a relight. Best to do it right away - probably tonight (Wednesday). And then if there is anything left for Saturday, we might light again. The candle cost is small compared to the fun we have and the joy that others find!

We will put it on our event page when/if we plan to relight.

This photo of the only red ice lantern structure on the creek was taken by Margy (No last name given). Thanks Margy!

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