Pumpkins and Sunsets

Tom Hedberg | 31 October, 2011

Ahh… Halloween night..  orange pumpkins and orange sunsets.

The other day I came across an Article: The Picasso of Pumpkin Carving in the Wall Street Journal. It's about Ray Villafane, Pumpkin carver extraordinaire.

Then later that day I was driving along an interstate in the farmlands of Wisconsin and witnessed the most glorious orange sunset.

In the article about Mr. Villafane, my favorite quote was at the end.  When asked about if he's thought of pickling his amazing work, he indicated that its temporary nature is one of his loves. "When you don't ever have it again", he said, "you almost cherish it more".

Which leads me to the sunset that day. It's still in me. It was magical - a perfection with wisps of clouds enhancing the experience.

When Jennifer and I take a break after a winter of ice lanterns, we often head to the beaches of Mexico for a week. Truth be told, Jennifer makes absolutely amazing and intricate sand castles that many people stop and photograph…they love to be in the pictures (do they tell their friends at home that they made it??).  And then the waves come…

Now, ice lanterns…do you think you know where I'm headed? The magic is in the moment. Enjoy!

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