Wintercraft Balloon Quality Makes a Difference!

Jennifer Shea Hedberg | 15 January, 2013 | 1 Comment

Making Globe Ice Lanterns begins by filling a balloon with water and letting it freeze. Balloons are NOT created to hold water, so its very important to use a GREAT balloon or a series of disasters could await you.

I learned this lesson as a child when my mother taught me how to make ice lanterns. We made them in milk cartons, ice cream pails and balloons - regular, cheap, partystore-type balloons.

Using cheap balloons was the disaster. The odd shapes produced were nothing compared to the emotional trauma caused by the popping. They popped as we carried them to the door to go outside. They popped as we were going outside. They popped as we started to put them on the ground. Do I need to continue?

But the worst problem was when they popped as they were freezing and froze to the ground, making them totally unusable. In short, popped regular balloons cost more in time, emotion and materials.

So as a young mother, I wanted to teach my children about the science and beauty of ice lanterns but to make the experience more enjoyable. I discovered a unique type of balloon that worked perfectly and jerry-rigged a freezing base that helped shape them and kept them separate from the ground. Many asked "are they the punch ball balloons?"... yes, but they were a particular brand of punch balls that were stronger and rounder (take a look at the "other" punch balls in the photo above). The fact that my choice of balloons were also made in the USA and biodegradable sealed the deal.

But that particular brand was elusive and expensive. Yes, quality matters. I drove all around the Minneapolis-St Paul area cleaning out the few stores that carried that line.

The joy that I felt when I actually found them on clearance was indescribable!

Then my husband mentioned that I was breaking the bank with the time and gas I spent driving around and he agreed to help me buy them in bulk directly from the manufacturer - Oh joy and rapture.

Now I had a huge box full of perfect balloons that had the name emblazoned on each one. They were even the color that worked the best - light green! became when we developed the Globe Ice Lantern Kit. And thank goodness, because we manufactured the perfect freezing base to go with it!

So, now both elements work in concert - WINTERCRAFT - a wonderful system that pairs a non-breakable and reusable freezing base with the perfect balloons to easily make beautiful globe ice lanterns.

Enjoy the glow!


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17 December, 2016

Cyndy Nachtman

The balloon necks are so stiff I can’t open it enough to get the entire neck over the faucet. Once the water fills the deflated balloon and faces the wall resistance it starts inflating the neck area making a second circle. These must be defective. I tried several different ones and tried stretching the neck as much as I can. So frustrating. Talk about disappointment. Ugh

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