Creek of Misfit Ice Lanterns

Jennifer Shea Hedberg | 14 February, 2013

I was just stepping outside my backdoor to start sorting ice lanterns for the Lover's Lane (Ice Lantern Creek Lighting), when a funny thought struck me and I decided I needed to write it down . . . quickly.

I felt like Rudolph in the animated Red-nosed Reindeer holiday program when he realized that he had landed on the Island of Misfit Toys. Much like Santa found homes for the cowboy that rides an ostrich and a train that likes to swim, we have large cylinder ice lanterns that have been sun etched beyond recognition and stolen their ability to stand properly. But, coupled with other lanterns in just the right way, they will become marvelously ethereal, free-form lanterns. We have rows of round globes that have been rained on and distorted in strange manners, but will still reflect the candle inside brilliantly!

So my wonderful job today, will be to move them all down to the section of creek that runs from Lake Harriet to Lynhurst Park (Minneapolis, MN) where they will proudly show off their beautiful eccentricity for all to see. With hope, people walking along the creek with love in their hearts will be charmed.

Hoar frost is decorating all the limbs of the trees and a blanket of snow has fallen on the creek, so it could be said that Mother Nature has decided to help us create a spectacular Lover's Lane Ice Lantern Creek Walk.

Now to the backyard I go . . .


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