The Magic of Doing

Jennifer Shea Hedberg | 03 January, 2013

Have you ever noticed, that if you stop trying so hard and just start doing, magic happens and you don't even notice until it is done. Then you turn around and bang - there it is. You are probably wondering, just about now, what this all has to do with ice lanterns. Am I right?

Well, this time of year, I usually start receiving comments on my rosy complexion and trimmer look. And my chipper reply is usually, "I'm weight training using the Wintercraft Globe Ice Lantern Method, of course."

Every day, I lift, carry and place many heavyweight ice lantern balloons filled with 8-40 lbs. of water, using my deltoids, biceps, the dreaded external oblique and latissimus dorsi muscles (the two muscle groups that cause a "muffin top"), as well as many more. Then after the balloons are frozen, and the extra water released, I lift, carry and place slightly lighter versions of the same, usually over slippery surfaces (which require my core muscles to check in) and light them up. Most of this activity is done outside with the sun shining!

So you see, all the those pretty ice lanterns that appear lit up in photos are really my weight training program that cause magic to happen because I am not really trying : )

OK - I am just kidding around. I don't know the first thing about weight training. But I do know this - I (almost) always lift with my knees and because my business requires me to lift a lot, I do get rather buff at this time of year. And, because I am outside every day, my cheeks get that rosy glow. Do I enjoy it? Absolutely!

Have you started the Wintercraft Globe Ice Lantern Weight Training Program yet? Ha ha ha


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