Light up a Globe Ice Lantern with LED lights!

Jennifer Shea Hedberg | 16 December, 2015 | 3 Comments

Globe Ice Lanterns in a nest of Ice Glass LED lights Wintercraft

These Globe Ice Lanterns are sitting in a nest of Ice Glass and lit with strings of plug-in LED lights. They were put on a timer so the lights came on at dusk.


You followed the directions that came with your Wintercraft Globe Ice Lantern Kit and now you are the proud owner of a beautiful Globe Ice Lantern . . . Bravo! Now you get to decide how to light it up. But how? Candle or LED lights?

A candle in the Globe Ice Lantern will certainly be ethereal and magical and all it takes is a minute or two to create a chimney. For more information on using candles in Globe Ice Lanterns, go HERE.


Candlelit Globe Ice Lantern by Wintercraft

Candlelit Globe Ice Lantern by Wintercraft


But, you would like it to be easier, colorful and/or have the Globe Ice Lantern last as long as possible. If this is true, you most likely will love using LED lights with your Globe Ice Lantern.

Front Entrance with Blue LED lights Wintercraft

Front Entrance Lit with Blue LED Lights


There are two main types of LED lights that I use: battery-operated or plug in and there are pros and cons associated with each.

Wine cooler with flowers lit with 9-Bulb LED light

Wine Cooler with Flowers Lit with Waterproof Reusable LED Light-9-Bulb Rotating Color


Battery-operated LED Lights

The benefits of using battery-operated LED lights with a Globe Ice Lantern are many:

1. No need to worry about a chimney or airflow, because you plug it in and go.

2. No cords.

3. A plethora of color options!

4. Remote control option available 

There is really only one con that I can think of for using battery-operated LED lights with Globe Ice Lanterns and that is the batteries themselves. They have a limited life, so they are not a good option for outdoor or extended use. 

Waterproof Reusable LED Light - 9-Bulb Rotating Color on Red Wintercraft

Waterproof Reusable LED Light - 9-Bulb Rotating Color Set on Steady Red


Choice #1 - I love the ease and color control of our Rotating Color LED Light. It always gets rave reviews and can be used with other elements to really add some magic. It is about the size of a hockey puck (2.5" diameter and 1.25" tall), has a remote control so it can be put inside a Globe Ice Lantern and then turned off until its time to light it up for the party which really helps with battery life. With the manual control, you have the choice of 6 steady colors (red, green, blue, amber, aqua, purple) or rotating color. With the remote you have 12 steady colors plus 2 rotation speeds. I love this one!

Red Rotating Color LED Light w Crystals to diffuse the super bright bulb

The Super Bright Bulbs of the Rotating Color LED Light Can be Diffused


Con: The only con I have with this LED Light is because it is very bright and there are 9 distinct bulbs I often will put something over it to fracture the light - like this.

Super Bright White Battery-operated Waterproof LED Light Wintercraft

It also is available in a Bright White version here!


Crystal Lights on Wire is waterproof and battery-operated Wintercraft

Choice #2 - Crystal Lights on Wire is a new product for us and I am just starting to use it - but I can tell already that its a winner. Because each light is embedded in a multi-faceted acrylic crystal, the light is refracted and thus multiplied. Fantastic! If you take one string of lights and stuff it inside a globe ice lantern the light from the crystal plays around inside the globe in a way that is amazing. Used with a 9-bulb for light intensity and it gets crazy! Currently, we stock this item in cool white, but will most likely be adding color in the future. 


Micro Lights on Wire Wintercraft Batter-operated and Waterproof

Choice #3 - Micro Lights on Wire is also a new product for us and is a sister of the Crystal Lights on Wire. The benefit of this product is its versatility and cost.


Micro Lights on Wire on Fake Flower Wintercraft Tip Imagine inside a Globe Ice Lantern!

Because the lights are tiny (about the size of a grain of rice) they can fit into just about anything. I love wrapping it around fake flowers to light up just the blossom. Very nice! Imagine this little bunch of flowers inside a think Globe Ice Lantern - you have just made a stunning centerpiece that will last for hours!


Plug-in String Lights

Plug-in LED Lights in Globe Ice Lanterns Wintercraft

When I am installing Globe Ice Lanterns and a candle is not a feasible option or I want the lanterns to be filled with color, I use strings LED lights that plug in to a nearby electrical outlet. As long as the lights are designated of "outdoor use" they should be safe to use with Globe Ice Lanterns. 


led-projection-spot-light-multicolor wintercraft

My latest discovery are LED Projection Spot Lights that come in some great colors. They can be put inside a globe or even beside a globe and they make the light go crazy. I used them last year at a big event at the Flagship REI store in Bloomington, MN. Behind the Globe Ice Lanterns and Ice Glass I installed, the projection lights gave it an ethereal northern lights effect - amazing!

Ice Glass and Globe Ice Lanterns lit with Projecting LED Lights outside REI store Wintercraft

Ice Glass and Globe Ice Lanterns lit with Multicolored LED Projection Spot Light


Ice Glass and Globe Ice Lanterns lit with Multicolored LED Projection Spot Light Cords showing

The Cords of the Multicolored LED Projection Spot Light are Showing from This Angle


Ice Glass lit with LED Projection Spot Light - Multicolor Globe has candle Wintercraft

In this final photo, it shows the drama of the Ice Glass all lit up using the Multi-colored LED Projection Spot Light and the Globe Ice Lanterns has a candle inside - the juxtaposition is breathtaking! 

Enjoy the Glow!


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17 December, 2018

Deanna Richeson

How can I order replacement packs for my globe ice lanterns? I also want to order 2 more ice globe lantern kits.

31 May, 2017

Sharon D. Quinn

Hey, its is a good idea. I will definitely light up my ice globe with LED light. Moreover, it will save energy and i can light up my globe for long time. I am really fond of gathering information about LED light bulbs. Yesterday also i read about led lights at
that article was also very interesting like yours.
Thanks for sharing!

16 December, 2015


I would like to place my ice globe at a cemetery and turn it on when I visit each week. Is there a submersible LED with a remote?

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