Displaying Luminaries

Outdoor Displays

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Indoor Displays

To make a simple indoor display with common household items, use a footed cake plate inside a large bowl. The globe ice lantern sits on the cake plate and drips into the bowl- works like a charm!  Here is a PDF with more specific instructions on making ice lantern centerpieces How to guide for Centerpieces.


  • Consider making them small (the size of a soccer ball) as centerpieces are best kept low so sightlines stay open.
  • Test ahead of time! Experiment with globe sizes and ice thicknesses in your drip tray arrangement to insure that they will stay beautiful for the length of the event and the bowl does not overflow!
  • Here are a few indoor display ideas:

  • Put a globe ice lantern on a tall footed cake plate that is inside a punch bowl. Fill the punch bowl with flowers and/or greens.
  • To create long-burning, romantic night light, put a sun-etched globe ice lantern on a shorter tiered cake plate inside a punch bowl and turn down the lights. All the cracks and imperfections are cast up on the ceiling in a wonderful display—like stars in the sky.
  • Place an ice lantern on a flower pot filled with dirt and/or moisture absorbing pellets. The melting ice will be absorbed by the dry-dirt mixture.
  • Place a globe ice lantern in a dark bathtub or an extra sink during a gathering for a fun surprise.
  • With globe ice lanterns you are only limited by your imagination. As long as the slowly melting ice has a place to go, an ice lantern can be put on display indoors with stunning results!

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