Reverse Hibernation - Time to play!

Jennifer Shea Hedberg | 25 October, 2016

Wintercraft Hungry as a Bear for Winter to come 

As I sit down to write this blog, my eyes focused on a framed print of a mother bear and her cub emerging from hibernation in our dining room, and it struck me, . . . the way I am feeling right now, might be just how a bear feels that has spent a long winter sleeping and dreaming of spring and the berries that will surely be ripe on the vine . . . only in reverse.

My hibernation has been over this beautiful summer. I made time to garden, paddle board and spend time with my family, but mostly I worked on Ice Luminary Magic!, my book about making ice luminaries of all shapes and sizes. And, all that thinking and dreaming of ice has made me as hungry for playtime in the snow. I'm ready and waiting for the temperatures to go below 20°F/-7°C, so I can get out there and experiment with all my icy ideas that have been percolating in the summer sun. 

So, it's time to prepare! As of last week, I have all my Smurfy Blue Gloves lined up on the rack by the door.

Wintercraft Gloves by the Door


My stash of Globe Ice Lantern Balloons, Freezing Bases and Easy-close Clips are standing by my laundry tub ready for action.

Wintercraft Work Set Up Globe Ice Lantern Balloons Freezing Bases Clips and Tools 

And my freezers are working full time to make Globe Ice Lanterns for early retail displays and the Art Attack event (our building's art crawl) November 4-6, 2016.

But, I still carve out time to work on my book every day and I must admit, I am getting very excited because it's coming together so nicely. It's filled with photos and illustrations that are sure to please. I will let everyone know when it is ready for presentation!

Here are a few photos of the working draft as a preview of what's to come . . . 

Wintercraft Luminary Magic Book Ice Logic Section

Ice Logic Section: Once you understand how ice behaves, the ice projects later in the book will make much more sense.


Wintercraft Luminary Magic Book Ice Chip Tower Project page 1

Ice Chip Tower Project - entry spread

Wintercraft Luminary Magic Book Ice Chip Tower Project page 2

Ice Chip Tower Project - final spread

Wintercraft Luminary Magic Book Teardrop Ice Lantern Lighting

Teardrop Ice Lantern lighting strategies


Wintercraft Luminary Magic Book Ice Flower Project

Floral Globe Project - entry page

Wintercraft Luminary Magic Book Floral Globe Project

And much, much more . . . very exciting! For those who have been patiently waiting for my book, I thank you. I assure you, I am as impatient as you. I was a Hare, who has to be a tortoise, so I am embracing the adage, "Slow but sure wins the race."  

As the mercury starts to descent, come out of your summer sleep and be prepared to enjoy the glow . . . Winter Globe Ice Lantern Flowers are getting ready to bloom!

Wintercraft Globe Ice Lantern Ice Glass Flower Middlemoon Creekwalk Luminary event Minneapolis Minnesota

Enjoy the Glow!

Jennifer Shea Hedberg - The Ice Wrangler



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