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Jennifer Shea Hedberg | 01 December, 2016 | 1 Comment

Wintercraft Gift of Ice Lantern Installation Ice Wrangler

We need your help! Tom and I would love to be co-conspirators in giving an ice lantern installation to someone in your life that would be delighted by such a magical surprise!

Why? Recently I discovered a little known holiday, Martinmas, celebrated on the 11th of  November in western Europe. It grabbed my attention when I read the main tradition is to hold a festival of lanterns! 

Martinmas Lantern Festival with Children

Ding! Of course I would love that idea! Then, my interest grew when I read about the historical basis for the holiday—a young soldier offered his coat to a man in need.That simple gesture developed into a lovely holiday based on the idea that generosity brings light to the darkness of need.

I was inspired! Tom and I have always loved to give ice lanterns as gifts to friends and neighbors during the dark winter months, but how could we extend that gesture further out into the world? So, we'd like to ask you, gentle readers, to help us make a gift of ice lanterns to someone who would be uplifted by magic and light! A special installation from just pure joy in our hearts. Plus, we'll certainly use our ice luminary expertise along with doing the heavy lifting :)

If you have a person, or a group of people, in mind, please send us a note to by December 10, 2016. We would love to surprise someone by lighting up the entrance of a church for a wedding, bringing some joy to ease the pain of a financial or personal loss, or sprinkling globe ice lanterns around the front steps of a neighborhood hero. One choice of recipient will be made for the 2016-17 winter season (details below). We have seen and heard of the joy of discovering such a gift, and we assure you, it is well worth the effort! The first year we decorated a section of the creek near our home on Valentine's Day, we set and lit about 60 ice lanterns of all shapes and sizes and walked away. The stories of joy and delight that followed warmed our hearts and made us excited to do it again, and again, and again. Originally, we called it Lover's Lane, but now it's Middlemoon Creekwalk. (To receive word of when it will be this year, sign up for our newsletter on the Wintercraft website.)


Please note: From the stories we receive, we will be selecting one person or group of people. We will base our decision on timing, weather, location and the compelling nature of the story. What we are envisioning is a "Custom Exterior Installation", however it really will depend on the specific choice made. To be clear, on the date of installation, we must be free of obligation, the weather workable and the location should be within about a 1 hour drive from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

We are, unfortunately, limited by geography, but for all of you that live near and beyond, we would like to extend this idea of giving ice lanterns to you. Think about a person in your life who would cherish such a gift. Ice lanterns are easy to make and relatively inexpensive - really just a strong balloon with support, water, cold and time. I will include in a PDF that you can download to give with your ice lantern(s) that describes relighting techniques. (It is a standard 8.5 x 11" image that you will fold in half and then in half again.) That instruction sheet plus a few extra candles, fireplace matches and a note of greetings from you tops off the gift!


Wintercraft Globe Ice Lantern Lighting Guide

So please, send a story, or two, of someone who would be delighted with a gift of light. Be a co-conspirator in a guerrilla act of kindness that will long be remembered by the receiver and the givers alike.

Cheers to all and Enjoy the Glow!

Jennifer Shea Hedberg - The Ice Wrangler



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05 December, 2016


Brilliant! You two are adorable!
I’m going to share this and in turn do something special for a dear one that needs cheering on this day. :-) hugs!

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