Middlemoon Creekwalk 2016: A Lover's Lane Revival

Jennifer Shea Hedberg | 10 February, 2016 | 7 Comments


EDIT:  Enjoy photos and recap of Middlemoon Creekwalk 2016!


Finnish Glass Ice Towers by Jennifer Shea Hedberg, The Ice Wrangler for Wintercraft

 *** Middlemoon Creekwalk Wed, Feb 17 Relighting News Flash.... We'll have time to recap and give proper thanks to all the people who helped, but with rain and 50 degrees in the forecast and a glorious day today, a final push of energy (and requests) has us relighting for a FINAL time tonight, Wed, Feb 17... From dusk on the candles will be glowing.. some of the ice has already been sun-etched, some has vanished, but the walk should still be beautiful.. come stroll, or HELP us with the lighting... many hands make light work... we'll start lighting at 2pm - just find us along the creek.


The Middlemoon Creekwalk lines up with Valentine's Day yet again! If the weather forecasters are correct, it should be a glorious day to work/play outside. And, the evening will be even more amazing with the lights of hundreds of candles shining in the dark.

So come down and enjoy - better yet - come down and join in the fun!

WHAT: The Middlemoon Creekwalk - A Spontaneous Ice Luminary Lighting Along the Creek!

WHEN: Sunday, February 14 at dusk and repeat on Monday night, February 15, too! 


TIME: Dusk. Candles generally stay lit until 11pm or so.

WHY: Because we love our neighborhood! AND, as the winter sun shines brighter, we generally have a range of beautiful ice lanterns of all shapes and sizes that were extras from ice luminary installations or products of ice experiments that are gloriously sun-kissed. The magic of their beauty lies in their imperfection and they all deserve a moment in the limelight.


HISTORY: Briefly... About 5 years ago we spontaneously decided to add some ice lanterns to a short pathway in the woods along a little creek near our home in Minneapolis - it was Valentine's Day and we thought it would be fun if someone stumbled upon it... all they needed was some love in their hearts. Named "Lover's Lane" the first year, the creek lighting has now become an annual tradition...  although the spirit is the same, the date changes each year and has always been chosen with short notice. It now is known as Middlemoon Creekwalk as we attempt to have it by the light of a middle moon (full moon nights get all the attention!).  We're lucky this year as the stars and the moon have aligned again on Valentine's weekend. 

WHERE: The small stretch of creek between Lake Harriet and 49th Street walking bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. This year, if more people bring their own ice lanterns down, we will try to light up the creek to 50th street! MAP


SHARE:  Although magical as a solo stroll, the Middlemoon Creekwalk is also meant to be enjoyed with friends and neighbors. It's not an official event in any sense, rather just a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with nearby friends and celebrate the outdoor winter beauty. Please be respectful as the quiet in the woods truly is special.

HELP? Absolutely!  We'll be working in the area from noon on Friday until lighting on Sunday. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated and it's fun! 


#1 - We need SNOW MOVED! We have sleds and shovels, but feel free to bring your own. Please contact us ASAP if you are interested as this is the first step. When? Mostly on Friday, but snow will still be needed on Saturday or Sunday, too!

#2 - We need ICE MOVED to the creek from our home. (Please note that some ice is very heavy!) When? Saturday or Sunday. Private message for address.

#3 - BRING ICE LANTERNS YOU HAVE MADE to the creek! Any size and shape of ice lantern is welcomed, but they should be lit with candles. Bring your own candles if you have them, but we'll have extra candles and matches. (Be kind to other contributors by installing your lanterns at least 10-15 feet from others unless you have asked :) When? Saturday or Sunday.


P.S. for bringing your own ice lanterns: It looks like it might be snowing on Sunday, and a sitting, uncovered candle will not light as well after it has been snowed on. Consider bringing a plastic bag to cover your set up creation as you wait to light it in the late afternoon/evening.

#4 - Place and light ice lanterns down the creek. We will give a short tutorial on Saturday (at noon at the bridge at 49th St. and W. Minnehaha Pkwy) to those that want to learn the process of setting up an ice lantern in the snow. Then take that knowledge and help along the creek on Saturday and Sunday.

#5 - Do you own a bundt pan? If yes, fill it with water, put it out on a sidewalk or other cold spot (not in the snow), cover it with an insulating top (example: a plastic bag with the A section of the newspaper inside), and then wait at least 12 hours. Bring it inside and put it upside down in your sink and wait for it to drop out. Take the piece of shaped ice and put it in a plastic bag and keep cold outside. Bring it down to the creek! Combined with other bundt pan shapes of ice, we can build Bundt Pan Ice Lantern Towers! One tower would be fun - many would be cool!


Ice Flower at Middlemoon Creekwalk with Child by The Ice Wrangler by Wintercraft

OUR HOPE: To create a "Community Ice Lantern Garden" where people will come together to create and/or simply enjoy the glow of a winter's evening. If one is quiet enough, they may just hear the ducks or an owl..  This fickle winter is beginning to feel a bit long, so we hope the Middlemoon Creekwalk will be a wonderful transition to March and . . . springtime.  On that note though, it's still winter, so it will be more enjoyable if one wears good footwear and hats and mittens!

Email us at info@wintercraft.com
or message via Facebook (facebook.com/wintercraft)
or text Jen at 612.964.3023

PS. If you take photos, we'd love to see them! Post them on our Facebook page or submit to our Photo Contest!

Enjoy the Glow!
-- Jennifer Shea Hedberg, The Ice Wrangler


Comments (7 Responses)

15 February, 2016

Kristy W

Thank you so much for putting on this event! My husband and I live in the neighborhood and took a magical stroll along the creek tonight. What a beautiful community event. Would love to help next year!

15 February, 2016

Pat Ostergren

Stumbled upon this ice garden last year. Looked forward to seeing it again this year. Thank you for creating such a lovely scene down by the creek.

15 February, 2016

Mary Yee

We came on Sunday night for the walk and brought friends with us. It was wonderful! Thank you for creating this beautiful occasion for the rest of us. If you do it again (and we hope you will), we’ll try to be helpers.

13 February, 2016

Suzanne Lyon Mollerud
We are fortunate enough to have our home overlooking the Creekwalk and truly look forward to seeing it each year, You create a lovely bright spot in the middle of long Minnesota winters and we appreciate it. It makes me glad to see you have helpers, as the Creekwalk takes a lot of effort and passion, THANK YOU!

11 February, 2016


what an absolutely beautiful thing!~

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