Valentine's Day Globe Ice Lantern Centerpiece

Jennifer Shea Hedberg | 09 February, 2016 | 1 Comment

Wintercraft Valentine's Day Centerpiece

With Valentine's Day just around the corner and a few days of good outdoor freezing weather ahead, it would be a GREAT idea to surprise your love with a beautiful globe ice lantern centerpiece. This is the centerpiece I plan to make for Tom!


I will use a tin container to catch the melting ice:

12.5 inch Tin container

I will place the Floral Foam Riser inside the tin container:

Wintercraft Floral Foam Riser


and ring it with these flowers: 

Flower choices for Wintercraft Globe Ice Lantern Centerpiece


And I am going to light it with these new battery-powered LED lights which I love!

Wintercraft Crystal LED lights battery-powered



Wintercraft Valentine's Day Centerpiece


Other Globe Ice Lantern Centerpiece Ideas

If you enter the word "centerpiece" in the search application of my blogs, you will find many options, but this one has details for a simple and easy project:

SImple Cake Pan Globe Ice Lantern Centerpiece supplies


I would love to see a photo of your creation -- Send it my way!


Enter the Wintercraft photo contest for 2016!


Enjoy the Glow!

--Jennifer Shea Hedberg, The Ice Wrangler


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02 December, 2016

cynthia brown

Love it, great new idea!

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