Ice Castle Jewelry

Jennifer Shea Hedberg | 28 December, 2012

Today is the first day that the Ice Castle Mall of America will try on some jewelry. What? The Ice Castle MOA opens New Year's Eve and is going to be so big - so amazing - and so spectacular - that Wintercraft globes and glass will be as if a beautiful woman, who is already decked out in a FABULOUS dress, puts on a pair of earrings or necklace. Small by comparison, but hopefully will fit or complete the look. How it all will work, is yet to be seen. But I for one, am very excited to try.

The fact that we are going to set up all these globes and glass feels a lot like when I spent a month thinking about and creating 100 globe ice lanterns, tons of ice glass and large lanterns for the Enchanted Forest area of the Luminary Loppet in 2010 in Minneapolis, MN. It took a few days to install them all, but really a month or more of thinking, experimenting and labor. Most of that labor was hauling it all down to Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis from my house 6 miles away.

The night of the Luminary Loppet 2010 was one of the most magical of my life and was I was thrilled by the comments and appreciation of my hard work.

I was not able to work on the Loppet again for various reasons, but I am hoping that this adventure will come close or surpass the fun!

Usually when I get going on an ice building project, I get so focused that I don't think to stop and take photos*, but I will try. And then I will pass it all on to you.  Or, come vist the Ice Castle during January - take your own photos and share them on Wintercraft's Facebook page..

So exciting!

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