The Original Balloon - 6 or 12 Replacement Packs includes 1 Easy-Close Balloon Clip

When moving to our new warehouse we found a box of The Original Balloons and have a limited amount to offer for sale. 

Our regular replacement balloons are field-tested, biodegradable and worth every penny. They are the only ones we use! They consistently produce beautiful spheres of ice (unlike common balloons that tend to burst or freeze into unattractive shapes). The balloons included can be used to make both small and large ice lanterns when used with the related Wintercraft Freezing Base (small) or (large). Beautiful ice luminaries are easy-to-make with these balloons and the Wintercraft system.

Includes 6 or 12 Original Balloons and 1 Easy-Close Clip.  

Does not include: Instructions, Reusable Freezing Bases, Insulating Disks. Ships in poly bag.  Balloons are made of Natural Rubber Latex which may cause allergic reaction. Adult supervision required. Made in USA.