Building Community with #SharingTheGlow

Jennifer Shea Hedberg | 15 January, 2021 | 1 Comment

#Sharingtheglow with an ice lantern for your neighbors!

In a year where it feels irresponsible to entice groups of people to gather, we have decided to transform our annual community event, Middlemoon Creekwalk, into a virtual experience by using the hashtag: #sharingtheglow

Sharing the glow graphic Ice Wrangler Wintercraft

By now, you may have seen friends and neighbors decorating, playing or building with ice in their yards. They either let the sun light them up during the day and/or use some sort of lights (candle or LED) to make them glow into the night! Both Tom and I are enjoying seeing the increased awareness of how fun and fulfilling it can be to display icy creations for others! 

Sharing the glow at Wintercraft

It is our hope that anyone who is having fun with ice this season will post photos of their ice luminary creations to #sharingtheglow. By the end of the winter we could find a glorious collection of photos showing fun and fancy icy creations!

I have created a downloadable pdf to help those new to the idea of ice lanterns get started. Visit or you can also download the pdf here:

Download FREE instructions for making an ice lantern at home

I will start it off the #SharingTheGlow idea with a video of the Floral Ice Disc Wall that we serendipitously built in our yard. We love seeing groups of people stop by to gaze into the ice. And the kids! Seeing children as they ponder how brightly colored flowers could be captured in ice. Its's so much fun!

So, head outside to make ice lanterns for you and your neighbors! Perhaps the silver lining of this mess may be that we will all learn a new way to gather that can take us farther than ever before.

So, remember that's #SharingTheGlow . . .

And if you want to take this idea to a new level, check out my book, Ice Luminary Magic!

 Enjoy the Glow!

-- Jennifer Shea Hedberg, The Ice Wrangler, @icewrangler


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22 January, 2022

Brooke Hajinian

I just discovered your book at the Union Depot Christmas market. Thank you for all the quality and care you’ve put into sharing this information!

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