StarTribune Article Calls It!

Jennifer Shea Hedberg | 18 February, 2017

StarTribune Article about Middlemoon Creekwalk

A big thank you to StarTribune writer Kim Ode who wrote a wonderful article about how the unseasonable weather has impacted our business and our ability to host the Middlemoon Creekwalk. Spot on!


It's so true--we have had to hustle like crazy to do most of our installs this winter! Fortunately, regardless of the weather yo-yo, we were able to install many private home displays, a large ice display at the REI in Bloomington, MN, we contributed to the Enchanted Forest at the Luminary Loppet, and did a full scale icebonanza at the Midwinter Light install at The Commons! So, all in all, given the shortness of our season, we have had a great winter! 


What Kim is talking about, is the current warm temps may make it impossible for us to pull together a Middlemoon Creekwalk this season. But Tom and I don't like to give up. If we get even a few days of freezing temps, we will definitely try! Just look at this long range forecast:


It looks hopeful to me! Especially the part about the snow. Yeah! So, please pay homage to your deity of choice and mention that we would love to have some snow and cold in Minnesota soon. I will thank you in advance :)


While doing so, please do not repeat the part of the article where it quotes me as saying, "I would kill for a walk-in freezer . . ." Yikes! When I see it in writing, it sounds a tad dramatic. My guess is, if we had access to a walk in freezer, I might shed a few tears of happiness, hug whomever is nearby and then jump for joy! After the article, we had one kind person offered the suggestion of their church's hand-me-down freezer. Nice idea! Rest assured, I am going to be keeping my eyes and ears open on this front.


For a reminder of how much fun the Middlemoon Creekwalk can be, here is a link to the photos of the 2016 event! 


Enjoy the Glow!

Jennifer Shea Hedberg - The Ice Wrangler



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