It's starting to feel a lot like Winter, this year!

Jennifer Shea Hedberg | 08 December, 2017

Beautiful Globe Ice Lantern in Linden Hills Minneapolis

A beautiful Globe Ice Lantern from a winter a few years back . . .                  Downtown Linden Hills Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 2014


How do the people above the arctic circle stay sane during winter? They don't think there's a problem. They look forward to winter for all the benefits that it can bring:


1. Fun stuff!—This list is long, so I will truncate it by saying anything you can do in snow!!! This, of course, includes making Globe Ice Lanterns and any other ice creation you can dream up . . .


2. Access to a new perspective—take a walk on a frozen lake and look back at the shore. If you are lucky, the ice will be clear and you can look down into the ice and see a world beyond imagination. Hear the sounds of lake ice shifting that sounds like a great winter beast rolling over in its sleep. 


3. Clean Air—Winter is one way Mother Nature cleans the world. All of our dirty works that fly around in the air come crashing down to earth when cold temps arrive. The air is so crisp and clean that you should go ahead and take a big--deep--breath. See, doesn't it feels amazing!


4. Beauty— Snow and ice make a "winter wonderland". We hear that phrase so often that it doesn't even register with reality. Winter can be a wonderland! Overnight ice crystals have lined every branch--and then the sun comes out--wham--the beauty of it hits you deep in your heart. And if you are dressed in a way that allows you to linger, the memory of it will burrow deep inside and keep you warm.


So, with weather forecasts looking good for much of the United States, I am hoping we all will enjoy a healthy and beautiful winter filled many hours of ice gardening . . . 


Winter is on its way . . .


Enjoy the Glow!
Jennifer Shea Hedberg - The Ice Wrangler

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