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Jennifer Shea Hedberg | 19 January, 2018

Wintercraft Globe Ice Lantern Balloon BrandingThe Disappearing Wintercraft Logo

A logo on a balloon may seem like an insignificant detail, but branding is critical to any company--especially a small DIY ice luminary company like Wintercraft. This season, if you have purchased a Wintercraft Globe Ice Lantern Kit, received one as a gift, or ordered replacement balloons, you may have noticed that we have stopped branding our high quality balloons with the Wintercraft logo. Why is this a big deal? 


Quality First

Balloon quality is of utmost importance to us at Wintercraft. Our company was built on quality. We take great pains to check the balloons as we are packing up the kits, and over the last year, we have noticed that the quality of the balloons has not been as consistent as we would have liked. So, we did a test. We ordered some balloons without a logo and put them through their paces . . . WOW! the quality of the balloons was not only reliable, but they were even better than before. 


Price vs. Marketing

In business, it is important that the customer is aware of a company's branding. Everyone knows this to be true. However, the price of the balloons was increasing, and we did not want to pass on that increase to the customer. So, discovering that balloon quality would actually improve by not imprinting our logo on every balloon, as well as the savings accrued would help maintain the same pricing we've had for years, was a serendipitous discovery!


So the next time you pull out a Wintercraft Globe Ice Lantern Balloon, hopefully you will notice that its thickness and durability allows you to successfully create consistently beautiful globe ice lanterns for everyday and special events!

Wintercraft Globe Ice Lantern with party lights in the background


Note: These two photos were sent to me by Wintercraft customer Layne Kennedy a few years ago - thanks again!. I took the photo he captured of a globe ice lantern balloon and photoshopped the logo out. Sacrilege, I know, but, believe it or not, we did not have a good photo of one of our balloons that does not have a Wintercraft logo appearing! 


Enjoy the Glow!

Jennifer Shea Hedberg - The Ice Wrangler

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