The Gift of a Globe Ice Lantern

Jennifer Shea Hedberg | 17 December, 2015

Through the years, I have found that EVERYONE loves receiving a Globe Ice Lantern as a gift . . . for any reason. It doesn't seem to matter if they are celebrating the return of the sun, the birth of the Son, or any of the other celebrations at this time of year. Firelight caught in a sphere of ice will bring them joy--simple, magical joy.

So the neighbor who called at 11pm to let you know that you left your garage door open, will probably LOVE to have a lit Globe Ice Lantern left on his or her front porch. As would your local shopkeeper who stocks a particular brand of chicken broth because you asked her to . . . and the list goes on.  

TIP: So the recipient can enjoy it again and again, I like to include a small package filled with a small collection of helpful items for relighting:

• Lighting and Care Instructions
I find inserting a gift card adds a nice touch.
(DOWNLOAD - Cut on solid line and fold on dotted line)

• 3 Wintercraft Premium Votive Candles
(Clean-burning votive candles, so black soot will not cake the inside of your beautiful crystal globe)

• One Glass Votive Candle Holder
(In order for votive candles to burn as long as possible, it is best to put them in a tight fitting votive candle holder)

• One Small Plastic Cup - I like the ones used as a to-go container for salad dressing at a salad bar, but any clear plastic cup will work fine.
(The plastic cup goes upside-down under the glass votive to keep it from sinking into a snow bank or from freezing to a surface after the candle is done burning)

• 6 Fireplace Matches
(To relight the candle through the chimney)

I place these items in a Cellophane Party Bag and tie it up with a sprig of something natural to complete the package.

The delivery of Globe Ice Lanterns with a Relighting Care Package is a cherished winter holiday tradition that we are delighted to share.

Enjoy the Glow!

BTW - We'd love to hear your stories, too.


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