Hanging Globe Ice Lanterns - a Winter Craft Takes Off!

Jennifer Shea Hedberg | 12 November, 2015 | 2 Comments

Hang a Globe Ice Lantern with macramed fish line!

Globe Ice Lanterns are so beautiful sitting in a nest of snow, greens or flowers, but here's a mind bending question . . . Can a Globe Ice Lantern defy gravity and hover in the air?

The answer is most definitely, YES!

In the January of 2014, I read an article in the New York Times about macrame pot holders over my morning coffee. My mind immediately imagined Globe Ice Lanterns hanging in a tree. So, I whipped one up using garden twine for the Middlemoon Creekwalk that night. People loved it!

The following year, a client asked me to hang multiple globes from a majestic oak tree for a holiday party, but requested that the string disappear. So, I bought several types of fish line and started experimenting. I soon discovered that 50 lb fish line is the best and it is a quite a bit trickier to work with than twine, but the effort was worth it - the effect was stunning. When the sun went down, it really looked like the Globe Ice Lanterns were floating in the air.

So, my time for experimenting was done and the production of 30 macrame fish line hangers became the issue -- that and how to hang the lanterns in the higher branches?! The answer to the high wire act was my son and a tall ladder :) Together, we hung about 30 globes in that old oak . . .

Globe Ice Lanterns hanging in a tree!  

When the sun started to go down, we lit them all up - it was ethereal and magical!

Globe Ice Lanterns Hanging in a tree by day


Globe Ice Lanterns hanging in a tree by night

So, whether you use fish line, twine or something completely different, I hope you will make the attempt to . . . defy gravity with Globe Ice Lanterns!

Hanging Globes by Wintercraft at the 2015 Luminary Loppet in Minneapolis, MN

Enjoy the Glow!


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13 November, 2015


Hey, I’ve managed to hang a few with a wire armature thing. Hard to explain, but the wire also disappears in the night. But fish line, hmm. Also looks like these are hanging upside down compared to the ones set on the ground. But shhhh, let’s not give all the secrets away!

12 November, 2015


Love these!! Do you have a pattern for the hanger?

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