2019 Middlemoon Photos & Thank You!

Jennifer Shea Hedberg | 20 April, 2019


Bob Hays captures kids looking into a Bundt Ice Lantern Wintercraft Middlemoon Creekwalk 2019

The weather was amazing for Middlemoon this year which allowed us to make plenty of ice and I am so grateful for the friends, neighbors and photographers who brought their cameras! Many sent me photos which do a wonderful job of telling the 2019 Middlemoon Creekwalk story . . .

The opening photo (above) is one of my favorites because it shows children on the snow looking into a Bundt pan ice lantern as if they are planning to conjure magic from within. See how the candle's glow radiates off their beautiful faces. So perfect! A huge thank you to Bob Hays for working so hard to capture people enjoying the ice. 

Here are a few more of Bob's photos:

Three kids near the ice bar at Middlemoon Creekwalk 2019 Wintercraft

Three children happily stood next to the ice bar built by Tom Hedberg and Dave Schaenzer. They used tall textured ice lanterns and a large, thick piece of organically-shaped ice glass for the bar top. (For those who have my book, Ice Luminary Magic (ILM), textured ice lanterns are created using techniques found on pages 101-117, ice glass instructions start on page 45 and ice bar plans are on page 191.) Karin Helle Hamnes zoomed in to capture the bubble wrap texture imprinted in the ice towers (below).

Detail of bubble wrap texture in ice lanterns Ice Wrangler wintercraft 

Kids near the Icicle Castle 2019 MIddlemoon Creekwalk Photo by Bob Hays Wintercraft

This icicle castle (ILM page 70) was built by my daughter Lena. She found long beautiful icicles within reach and carefully harvested them, carried them to the creek and built one of the fan favorites. Bob captured his grandson, Asher, hamming it up next to it as well (below). 

Another great icicle castle shot! 2019 Middlemoon Creekwalk photo by Bob Hays

On the ice lantern bench 2019 Middlemoon Creekwalk photo by Bob Hays wintercraft

Asher also enjoyed sitting on the ice lantern bench (above) and hovering above the large funky ice lantern (below), both were built and lit by the Tom Hedberg/Dave Schaenzer team.

Looking in the super big ice lantern 2019 Middlemoon Creekwalk photo by Bob Hays wintercraft.com 

Relaxing on the fur-covered ice throne - 2019 Middlemoon Creekwalk photo by Bob Hays wintercraft

Asher also discovered the fur-covered throne (above) along the walking path. Joy Wagner and I built it with left over ice glass just minutes before people started arriving on Friday. (Below) Jana Freiband zoomed in tight to see the detail in the crepe paper ice lantern (ILM 139) that sat next to the throne. 

Close-up of the crepe paper ice lantern that sat next to the throne at 2019 Middlemoon Creekwalk Ice Wrangler 

Ice Frame 2019 Middlemoon Creekwalk photo by Bob Hays wintercraft

(Above) I loved seeing people use the hole in this large sheet of ice glass to frame their smiling faces—Asher got the concept!

Dale Hammerschmidt posed by Mary Arneson's Ice People lantern 2019 Middlemoon Creekwalk Photo by Bob Hays Wintercraft

 Bob asked Dale Hammerschmidt to pose next to Mary Arneson's (Dale's wife) Ice Fisher People ice lantern (above). Bob zoomed in to capture the dazzling blue light surrounding it at twilight (below). 

Ice Fish Tank by Mary Arneson 2019 Middlemoon Creekwalk photo by Bob Hays wintercraft  

Rick Chasin came in really close to see the fish swimming in Mary's beautiful ice lantern. 2019 Middlemoon Creekwalk

Rick Chasin came in really close to capture the fish swimming in Mary's beautiful ice lantern (above).

Mary Arneson holding one of her ice windows 2019 Middlemoon Creekwalk

Dale sent me this adorable photo of Mary (above) hugging her latest passion—Ice Windows, which she devised using techniques found on page 103 of ILM

Mary Arneson's Ice Window at 2019 Middlemoon Creekwalk

Bob Hays found one of Mary's Ice Windows along the creek (above) and Jana Freiband captured what could be seen through the ice window during the day (below).

Another view of the Butterfly Ice Window by Mary Arneson photo by Jana Freiband 2019 Middlemoon Creekwalk 

Window Surround Ice Lantern by Mary Arneson 2019 Middlemoon Creekwalk photo by Tanya Orstad

Tanya Orstad captured one of Mary's Ice Window Lanterns that could be lit with a candle (above). Bob Hays found another with butterflies (below). Mary used 4 sheets of ice to create a Surround Ice Lantern (ILM page 41). In this formation, the candle is protected from the wind.  

Butterfly Surround Ice Lantern by Mary Arneson 2019 Middlemoon Creekwalk Wintercraft 


The Ice Wrangler's Ice Castle for the 2019 Middlemoon Creekwalk   

Last year, I built the first ice castle for the Middlemoon Creekwalk and lit it with candles. Strategically drilled holes were needed so the candle's heat could escape.  Holes plus falling snow made it challenging to keep all the candles lit. This year, I did not want any of the visiting kids to be disappointed, so I searched an alternative. I found battery-operated LED candles that flicker like real candles to use instead. They worked like a charm. The ice castle stayed lit for 5 days! I received an avalanche of images of the castle as it was seen during the day, at night and Karin Helle Hamnes found it covered with snow a few days later (below). 

2019 Ice Castle for Middlemoon Creekwalk by Wintercraft's Ice Wrangler Jennifer Shea Hedberg photo by Karin Helle Hamnes  

Jana Freiband captured the 2019 Middlemoon Creekwalk Ice Castle by the Ice Wrangler at twilight

(Above) Jana Freiband captured the ice castle at twilight! Wow!

Ice Wrangler's Ice Castle for 2019 Middlemoon Creekwalk photo by Mary B Johnson

Mary B Johnson captured children exploring the ice castle (above).

Magical image of 2019 Middlemoon Creekwalk Ice Castle by Wintercraft's Ice Wrangler photo by Rick Chasin

Rick Chasin made the ice castle look magical in low light - a photographic challenge (above). 

People looking at the 2019 ice castle by Jennifer Shea Hedberg Ice Wrangler Middlemoon Creekwalk photo by Karen Tischler Larson

Karen Tischler Larson captured people gazing into the depths of the ice castle (above).  

The crowds gathered as the sun went down around the ice castle. Middlemoon Creekwalk 2019 Photo by Bob Hays Wintercraft

(Above & below) Bob Hays took many photos of the ice castle with people . . .

People with 2019 Middlemoon Creekwalk ice castle photo by bob hays wintercraft 

People looking at 2019 Middlemoon Creekwalk ice castle from a distance. Photo by Bob Hays Wintercraft Ice Wrangler 

Family near the 2019 ice castle by Jennifer Shea Hedberg middlemoon creekwalk photo by bob hays wintercraft

Asher with 2019 Middlemoon Creekwalk Ice Castle photo by Bob Hays Ice Wrangler Wintercraft

 . . . and of course one with Asher and the ice castle! (Above)


The Bundt Pan Community Ice Lantern Garden

Ice by Susan Lenfestey photo by Bob Hays 2019 Middlemoon Bundt Pan Community ice garden

Jean Grossman, our Bundt Pan Queen, had limited time this year but still managed to fill many Bundt pan molds with water so Susan Lenfestey could step in and assemble them for us. The big white bucket by the creek left to receive donated ice was filled several times over, so Susan had a big job to complete! Susan also made some ice lanterns of her own to add to the garden. (Above) One of Susan's floral ice lanterns that she glued to the top of another bundt pan-shaped ice to give it height. Photo by Bob Hays. (Below) Bob Hays also captured a bouquet of floral ice lanterns made by Jana Freiband. The added sticks completed the picture.

Rose Bouquet Ice Lanterns in Bundt Pan Community Ice Garden 2019 Middlemoon Creekwalk


More ice and more photos!

Leaf globe ice lantern 2019 Middlemoon Creekwalk Wintercraft's Ice Wrangler

(Above) We pulled this old leaf globe out of a freezer. It was wrapped in plastic and I had forgotten it was even in there. Magically, it was as beautiful that night as it was the day I made it for my book, Ice Luminary Magic. This project can be found on page 145. Photo by Bob Hays.

Globe ice lantern by creek w ducks 2019 Middlemoon Creekwalk photo by Karin Helle Hamnes

(Above) This globe ice lantern was sitting where the sun beat down on it during the day. I am guessing by the sun etching pattern on the side of the ice globe that this photo was taken on Friday. Photo by Karin Helle Hames.

Globe ice lantern in the creek photo by Rick Chasin 2019 Middlemoon Creekwalk

The Middlemoon would not feel compete without ice lanterns magically burning in the middle of the creek. My husband Tom gets out his waders and places a few every year! Photo by Rick Chasin (above). Bob Hays captured the ice lantern tower in the river during the day (below).


Tom placed a pillar ice lantern in the creek and lit it with a candle for 2019 Middlemoon Creekwalk. Photo by Bob Hays

Textured bucket ice lanterns lined the walkway at 2019 Middlemoon Creekwalk ice by Mary Arneson photo by Karin Helle Hamnes

(Above) Mary Arneson and Dale Hammerschmidt made these beautiful textured ice lanterns to line a portion of the walkway. Photo by Karin Helle Hamnes.

An old Finnish Glass Ice Tower still was pulled out of a snow bank and placed with some ice glass. Photo by Bob Hays 2019 Middlemoon Creekwalk Ice Wrangler

An old Finnish Glass Tower was pulled out of a snow bank and placed with a beautiful piece of ice glass (above), photo by Bob Hays. 

Ice Wrangler's Ice Flowers with textured petals photo by Kyle Cedarmark

(Above) Joy Wagoner, Susan Lenfestey and I used textured ice glass to create a few ice flowers (ILM page 169) along the creek. Photo by Kyle Cedarmark.

Mystery donated ice lanterns 2019 Middlemoon Creekwalk photo by Bob Hays

(Above) This one is a mystery. An anonymous ice artist left this arrangement of ice along the creek and lit it up! Thank you to the unknown artist. If you are the artist, please contact me so I can give you credit for your creation.

The Lynnhurst Neighborhood Association's Fire pit 2019 Middlemoon Creekwalk

The Lynnhurst Neighborhood Association brought cocoa, cookies and wood for a fire pit to add to the community aspect of Middlemoon. It was wonderful to connect with other neighbors by the fire pit.  A huge thank you to Ruth Olson and Paul Ragozzino and their team of volunteers!

An extra large globe ice lantern with stunning lines radiating throughout found along the walking path by Bob Hays and his camera.

I will end this menagerie of photos with a classic. This extra large globe ice lantern was found along the creek by Bob Hays and his camera (above). Lines in globe ice lanterns are caused by the impurities in the water moving toward the warm center--comet trails in the ice--stunning! 



The Weather Man

As I sit by the window preparing to write this wrap-up blog and watch the torrents of rain fall and become rivers in the street, I am so grateful for my clever husband who analyzed our work schedules, weather forecasts, the availability of snow as well as the phases of the moon and decided we should do this year's Middlemoon Creekwalk on Thursday and Friday ONLY! 

The weather forecasts for the following Saturday in Minneapolis, Minnesota were all threatening rain, snow or a hideous combination. While it was easy to say no to Saturday because of weather constraints, starting on a weekday did impact our ability to attract volunteers. That said, the volunteers who put together this wonderful community event were amazing!


Ice Creators

For several years I built an ice bar near the walking bridge, but this year, the creek was too high so the ice bar needed a new home. With change comes opportunity—my husband Tom said he would like to try building the ice bar this year! So he brought in his bowling buddy Dave Schaenzer to help and using some highly textured ice towers, they built a fabulous ice bar! Because I did not have to build the ice bar, I could concentrate on building the ice castle. Yeah!

Big contributors of ice luminaries for the last few years has been Mary Arneson and Dale Hammerschmidt and Mary usually has a focus. Last year it was ice fisher people. This year, using techniques from Ice Luminary Magic for creating textures in ice (p101), Mary brought down many ice luminaries with decorative surfaces. She also adapted the project about Ice Appliques (p103) to create another new passion: Ice Windows. A big thank you to Mary and Dale!  

This year we also had more donated ice luminaries than every before. Many of them are anonymous as no one saw who installed and lit them. If you are reading this and brought ice luminaries to the creek, please contact me as I would love to thank you! 

Then, of course, there's the Bundt Pan Community Ice Garden! We put out the big white bucket by the walking bridge and it filled up several times. A huge thank you to all who contributed ice and to Susan Lenfestey who worked with them in my studio to flatten and meld them into larger ice luminaries. Many of you who walked the creek that night will remember the bouquet of roses created by Jana Freiband! 


Haulers & Builders

The following people completed one or more of the following jobs: dug up ice from our yard, brought it to the creek, and/or set up to be lit: Dave Schaenzer, Peter Hedberg, Susan Lenfestey, Lena Hedberg, Stew Johnson, Joy Wagner, Laura & Ned Foster, Craig Neal, Paul Porter, Karla Larsen and Carla Pardue. And Lena built the icicle castle!



This year we had a few more people pop by at the last minute to help which was amazing. We finished lighting very early this year which meant we all could relax and enjoy the beginning of the event. The lighters for this year were Joy Wagner, Susan Lenfestey, Donna Hamilton, Karla Larsen, Ginger and Mark Shafer, Sally Centner, and Mark Raderstorf. If you jumped on board and I did not get your contact info, please let me know. 



We had a few wonderful surprises. The first was when Karla Larsen, who also helped set up ice lanterns and light them, offered to take my dog for a much needed walk. It was such a relief to know that my dog Ruby was able to stretch her legs and go for a little adventure. The next was when Dan Berg delivered lunch to the volunteers on Thursday! What a great gift! The sweetest surprise was that Alison Campbell and her two children (Emma & Lucas) brought some cherry oatmeal cookies for the workers -- delicious!


So that's a wrap for the 2019 Middlemoon Creekwalk. From all of us who worked hard to create a little magic along the creek, I would like to say thank you to everyone who came to the creek for a magical evening.

The Ice Wrangler, Jennifer Shea Hedberg posing next to an Icicle Castle at the 2019 Middlemoon Creekwalk

Enjoy the Glow!

-- Jennifer Shea Hedberg, The Ice Wrangler


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