Let the ice lantern season begin . . .

Jennifer Shea Hedberg | 31 July, 2019

Rose Bucket Ice Lantern by Jennifer Shea Hedberg Wintercraft's Ice Wrangler

We have a show coming up in the next few days where we will be highlighting my book, Ice Luminary Magic, to retailers in the Midwest area. I want to WOW them with some of the possibilities of playing with ice and fire, so I made a bucket ice lantern with frozen roses held in place using the Crepe Paper Ice Lantern instructions (found on page 139 in Ice Luminary Magic).


What Ice Wrangler used to make the Rose Bucket Ice Lantern

The ingredients: When the bottoms of roses are cut out, many rose petals are released. Rose petals are surprisingly sturdy, so they can be hot glued together to look like a small open rose. The clump of tiny white flowers will work nicely as the stamen. The fish line is used to hold assembled flowers in place while they freeze. 


Assembled rose held in the light to show translucence

The assembled rose works better than a real rose because it becomes more translucent — letting the light shine through the petals!


Rose Bucket Ice Lantern in Ice Wrangler's cluttered studio

It should look spectacular with some white LED Crystal lights inside!  The show is 5 days long, so I will have to make more ice. I wonder what more I should make . . . ?

I decided to make another flower bucket that used the instructions for Floral Bucket Ice Lantern on page 123 of my book. In the photos below I used Clustertop Vervain (Verbena bonariensis) which is an annual. 

Purple vervain in an Bucket Ice Lantern Ice Wrangler Wintercraft


Close up of Floral Bucket Ice Lantern

Enjoy the Glow!

-- Jennifer Shea Hedberg, The Ice Wrangler


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