Capturing Ice Lanterns

Jennifer Shea Hedberg | 17 February, 2012

Ice lanterns are notoriously unphotogenic. In truth, they are best experienced in person an hour or so after the sun has set. I try my best to take photos at that magic twilight time where one can make out the surroundings and the architecture of the globe as well as the glow, but I usually come away with the same feeling - that I just cannot do them justice.

Others have done better jobs, see Ice Photographers. They can push special buttons, turn the right knobs, prop their cameras on tripods and come away satisfied which makes us all happy— especially me.

Tonight, Friday, February 17th, we are going to try to light the Lover's Lane (along the creek that connects Lake Harriet to the Minnehaha Creek) for the 4th night in a row. The sun might have made a few to crumble, but we will light what is still standing.

I will post some of my best attempts at shooting the Lover's Lane along the creek. If ANYONE has photos, please consider sending them in.  As you can see, I need all the help I can get . . .

spherical ice luminary made with wintercraft heavy duty balloon mold

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