Summer Birthday Bright

Jennifer Shea Hedberg | 12 August, 2013

At the Shea Family Summer Birthdays Bash, my 9 year old nephew is the youngest, so most of the hooplah centers around him, of course. My sister and I, who dove into our 50's last year, do not mind in the least--honest.

As you might have guessed, backyard BBQ's at my mom and dad's house is the best of the best - a summer harvest spectacular! And of course, I tote along a sunworthy centerpiece that will continue the glow well after darkness settles.

With a season's worth of growth in my garden, a few shovelful's of sedum will not be missed, so that is what I used to edge the bowl. The rudbeckia is plentiful in my mom's backyard, so she OK'd a snip here and there to help add dimension. Then I topped it off with a small but gorgeously cracked globe from my freezer lit with a waterproof 9-Bulb LED light set on RED to mimick the radiance of the sun.

My nephew thought it was FABulous--especially when seen through his new diving goggles!

Wishing you plently of dog day delights,

Enjoy the Glow!

P.S. Just in case you were wondering, the globe in the photo lasted beautifully for about 5 hours. I took it out of the freezer 2 hours before it was needed to thaw away the snowy frost that will develops from a temperature change. The centerpiece stayed outside in the spotlight for about an hour until the mosquitos descended, then I moved inside for the rest of the night. It could have gone for a lot longer, but the birthday boy needed to go home :) So, I put the globe in its plastic bag and stashed it back in the freezer in order to be used for yet another party . . .


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