Special Event Bundle - Ice Luminary Kit

Do you want to create a large number of Globe Ice Lanterns for your special event? Well, we've got you covered!

The is a collection of products to make a number of ice lanterns at the same time - about $140 in retail value for less than $100!
The Special Event Bundle has everything you need to make 24 Globe Ice Lanterns! Whether it's a holiday party, birthday, wedding or "just because" party, the Special Event Kit promises to add extra sparkle to the atmosphere! The finished globes can vary from a soccer ball size to a large basketball size (you choose the size by choosing whether to use the small or large freezing bases – the balloons are one size).

The Globe Ice Lantern Special Event Bundle includes 1 Detailed Instruction Guide, 24 Premium Heavyweight Balloons, 24 Easy-close Clips, 12 Small Reusable Freezing Bases, and 12 Large Reusable Freezing Bases. Make 24 Globe Ice Lanterns with this kit. Made in USA.

PLUS... we also include Wintercraft's founder Jennifer Shea Hedberg's traditional family Wassail Bowl (Hot Cider) Recipe.  This is a treasured recipe passed down through generations - spice up your gathering with cider to go along with the beautiful Wintercraft Globe Ice Lanterns you create!

Note: If you are planning to make the Globe Ice Lanterns in a freezer, we recommend adding Wintercraft Insulating Disks to your order.