Ice Luminary Mold "The Bucket" with Waterproof Multicolor LED Puck Light with Remote

Same great Ice Luminary Mold with our Waterproof Multicolor LED Light Puck with Remote. 

The Wintercraft Ice Luminary Mold is nicknamed "The Bucket" since for the past 30 years we have been using a bucket to make Ice Luminaries, not anymore. The team at Wintercraft has designed the perfect Ice mold! We started with the size and shape which we believe is ideal and makes the most beautiful ice luminaries every time. We added a cover and fluted the sides of the mold to aid in the freezing the mold. The "EZ Handle" makes filling and moving the mold super easy.

  • We nicknamed the Ice Mold ”The Bucket” since we have used buckets to make luminaries for 30+ years but this is not your ordinary bucket.
  • Designed to be the ideal shape and size to produce the most beautiful ice luminaries every time
  • Can be used in a freezer or outdoors, field tested to 20 degrees below
  • The “EZ Handle” makes filling and moving the Ice Mold easy
  • The Outer Rib Design, also on the included cover, helps with the freezing process
  • This is the only “Ice Wrangler” approved reusable Ice Luminary Mold! 

For even more fun, see our Ice Luminary Magic "Fun with Ice" packs. They include "The Bucket" plus the LED light.


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    Janet F.
    United States United States

    hard to remove

    I love Wintercraft. I looked forward to use this new bucket and the awesome puck light. Unfortunately our weather didn't help. It started cold one night, but then went up into the 20's, then down in 12 hours. I did get enough to freeze, but removing the ice from the bucket was difficult. I tried tapping it outside. No go. I tried taking a hair dryer outside and using that on the exterior. Nope. I did not want to try dragging it into the house but it was the only option, recommended by the company. Heavy, heavy. I managed to get it up 1 step and into the kitchen. Set a timer, dragged it outside, rolled it on its side, then upside down and the ice luminary slid out. A few taps to release a chamber of water and it was all set. Beautiful with the light choices. I want to change those up every night that it's still functioning which looks like it may be a good week. That's Milwaukee weather for you. Pretty unpredictable. I sent a balloon set and a bucket up to our son in Canada. He'll report to me after they try their first luminaries. A bit of Covid put everything on hold, but all's well. Guessing they'll have great reaction from their 6 year old and 12 year old daughters.



    Sorry for the challenges! Yes, balloons are really the only mold that can be opened outdoors. That is unless it warms up outdoors or you can put the bucket in the sun. Many people use 5 galloon buckets which are definitely too heavy for many and hard to fill in a sink. Our bucket is a little over 2.5 galloons which makes it a tad over 20 pounds of water. With the handle we were hoping it was manageable to carry inside for the warm up and release, but it's great to have your feedback. The challenge of smaller ones is the luminaries become too small and barely last a day or two... so,... it's finding the perfect blend. One idea is to "release" it indoors in your bathtub or sink: that way it's a lot lighter to carry back outdoors. Any rate, we love your enthusiasm and warm wishes. We'll keep offering molds and there will be one for everyone! Keep the lovely spirit going - people like you make for a kinder warmer world.. Tom Hedberg Wintercraft

    Valli H.
    United States United States

    Great quality and a fun fancy craft!

    This company is the best. I have bought buckets and books from them along with the original balloon balls and lights. Every item was great quality including this one! I live in Florida, so have to wait till we head back to Illinois to test it out!

    Paula N.
    United States United States


    I like having the extra flexibility with the bucket. One can make different sizes and not worry as much about weather fluctuations. I tend to use the balloons when I know the weather will cooperate. I thought this was a little pricey for a bucket but it seems really sturdy.