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Ice Luminary Mold "The Bucket"

  • We nicknamed the Ice Mold ”The Bucket” since we have used buckets to make luminaries for 30+ years but this is not your ordinary bucket.
  • Designed to be the perfect shape and size to produce the most beautiful ice luminaries every time
  • Can be used in a freezer or outdoors, field tested to 20 degrees below
  • The ration of the width and height make this excellent with wind protection if using a candle.
  • The “EZ Handle” makes filling and moving the Ice Mold easy
  • The Outer Rib Design, also on the included cover, helps with the freezing process
  • This is the only “Ice Wrangler” approved reusable Ice Luminary Mold! 

The Wintercraft Ice Luminary Mold is nicknamed "The Bucket" since for the past 30 years we have been using a bucket to make Ice Luminaries, not anymore. The team at Wintercraft has designed the perfect Ice mold! We started with the size and shape which we believe is perfect and makes the most beautiful ice luminaries every time. We added a cover and fluted the sides of the mold to aid in the freezing the mold. The "EZ Handle" makes filling and moving the mold super easy.Ice Luminary.

Size is approximately 10" tall, with a diameter ranging from 9" (bottom) to about 10" (top). "The Bucket" is tapered to allow for easy release of your ice lantern.

Comes with a lid which fits snuggly on the top.

For even more fun, look at our Ice Luminary Magic "Fun with Ice" packs which include "The Bucket"!