Magical Ice Lantern Creations

Ice lanterns are a stunning way to combine the cold of ice with the warmth of fire. Within the ice, the light bounces off of the cracks and imperfections to create a luminous, mesmerizing and magical glow. Ice lanterns (also called ice luminaries or ice candles) can be used to add a special candle light to winter decorations, events and activities.

Create and use ice lanterns to decorate your winter yard, by adding ice luminaries to the porch or to illuminate a pathway.  Globes can also be used to create beautiful, glowing centerpieces for winter weddings, celebrations, events or to set a romantic mood. See how to create beautiful ice lanterns using starter kits and for the adventurous how to follow some simple directions to create your own glowing ice luminaries to give your home or event a special winter glow.

Let your imagination go - and Enjoy the Glow

#Wintercraft #IceLantern Globe Ice lantern on the creekThis ice lantern was a treat for folks taking a stroll along the creek in Minneapolis.

#Wintercraft #IceLantern Globe Ice Lantern Owl DisplayAn owl perched between two gorgeous Ice Lanterns adorns the entryway of Hilton Hotel making a sensational focal point.