Uses and Celebrations

Indoor Displays

Globe ice lanterns fit nicely into the traditions surrounding the many winter holidays, especially those which use candles to symbolize light or the return of the sun—Winter Solstice, Hanukkah, Christmas, Yule, Diwali, Yalda and Kwanzaa, to name a few. Globe ice lanterns can also make beautiful and thoughtful "ice candle" memorials.

Many people create and use ice lanterns to decorate a winter yard by placing on the porch, on a birdbath or to illuminate a pathway.  However, globes can also be used to create beautiful, glowing indoor centerpieces for winter weddings, celebrations, events or to set a romantic mood. The possibilities are endless! 

#Wintercraft # Icelanterns Wintercraft centerpiece idea with pink flowers
#Wintercraft # Icelanterns Wintercraft centerpiece idea wine bottle cooler
#Wintercraft # Icelanterns Wintercraft centerpiece idea with fall flowers

To make a simple indoor display with common household items, use a footed cake plate inside a large bowl. The globe ice lantern sits on the cake plate and drips into the bowl- works like a charm!  Here is a PDF with more specific instructions on making ice lantern centerpieces How to guide for Centerpieces.


  • Consider making them small (the size of a soccer ball) as centerpieces are best kept low so sightlines stay open.
  • Test ahead of time! Experiment with globe sizes and ice thicknesses in your drip tray arrangement to insure that they will stay beautiful for the length of the event and the bowl does not overflow!
  • Here are a few indoor display ideas:

  • Put a globe ice lantern on a tall footed cake plate that is inside a punch bowl. Fill the punch bowl with flowers and/or greens.
  • To create long-burning, romantic night light, put a sun-etched globe ice lantern on a shorter tiered cake plate inside a punch bowl and turn down the lights. All the cracks and imperfections are cast up on the ceiling in a wonderful display—like stars in the sky.
  • Place an ice lantern on a flower pot filled with dirt and/or moisture absorbing pellets. The melting ice will be absorbed by the dry-dirt mixture.
  • Place a globe ice lantern in a dark bathtub or an extra sink during a gathering for a fun surprise.
  • With globe ice lanterns you are only limited by your imagination. As long as the slowly melting ice has a place to go, an ice lantern can be put on display indoors with stunning results!
  • Outdoor Displays

    #Wintercraft #Icelanterns Birdbath outdoor globe icelantern display
    #Wintercraft Memorial display using Wintercaft Ice lantern
    Wintercraft - large outdoor home display 
    #Wintercraft # Icelanterns Wintercraft typical outdoor display

    When displaying a globe ice lantern OUTDOORS, if you want them to last, it is best to place them in the shade and/or where melting ice will not create a safety hazard. If they are placed in the sun, they will slowly shrink during cold temps, but they will become sun-etched and look even more beautiful! And, when they have been well used, you can make more . . .
    Globe ice lanterns can be placed on any surface that will tolerate water and cold—cement, grass, ice or snow. The issue of air flow also needs to be addressed—too much air and the candle might blow out, too little and the flame will die. Candles, faux candles, LED, or little white lights can be used to light the lanterns.

    Ideas for displaying globe ice lanterns outdoors:

  • Line the walkway or the entry way of a home, place of worship, event or business with multiple globes of any size. With multiples, smaller lanterns (size of a soccer ball) make more sense. I generally save the big lanterns (bigger than a soccer ball) for dramatic focal points.
  • Place a globe ice lantern in the middle of a ring of winter greens that is lying flat on the ground—I like to picture a very large egg sitting in a nest.
  • For Chanukah (Hanukkah), create a Menorah (Hanukia) using 8 smaller globe ice lanterns and one larger lantern for the shamash.
  • Place a globe ice lantern in a large flower pot filled with greens.
  • Place a globe ice lantern on top of a upside-down bucket to add height.
  • A more dramatic way to add height is to place a globe ice lantern on a bucket-style ice lantern. It is possible to put a candle in both the globe ice lantern and the bucket lantern, but it might be easier if you fill the bucket lantern with a string of little white lights or LED lights.
  • Freeze globe ice lanterns to the top of pillars/posts on a deck or patio. (If the deck is high off the ground, make sure that they are well frozen onto the pillars if there is no chance of their falling.)
  • Place a larger globe on a diving board for an evening summer fête. It will gently dripped into the pool as it melts and create a charming and unique focal point for the pool area.

    Weddings - Ice Lanterns are a spectacular addition to a winter wedding. Small globes lining the entrance with large globes or sculptures adding a focal point by the doors. Centerpieces on every table act as gazing balls for your guests—they evolve and change throughout the event. A large globe dresses up a food and/or dessert table. Implementing one or more of these ideas will add an element of magic that will be remembered by all.




    Hostess Gifts - Going to a Holiday party? Have a globe delivered to the hostess’ door as a hostess gift. This idea is sure to surprise and delight.




    Private or Corporate Functions - As with weddings, ice lanterns and luminary sculptures can put an element of elegance and beauty to any private function that celebrates life’s milestones—birthdays, retirement, anniversaries, funerals or . . .




    Birthdays - As a new and special birthday surprise, a lit ice globe can be delivered to any doorstep in the Twin Cities area. An bag of extra candles, matches + a note card can be added.




    Valentine’s Day - Surprise your valentine with a beautiful globe ice lantern lit with a red candle and nested in red roses - WOW!


    Christmas, Winter Solstice or any Winter Holiday Party - The return of light and/or the use of candles as a symbol is the common thread that links most of the holidays during the winter months. It is easy to see, therefore, how ice lanterns can be incorporated into holiday gathering to bolster old traditions or create new ones.




    Chanukah (Hanukkah) - A beautiful new tradition for celebrating this ancient festival of lights is to create a Menorah (Hanukia) with 9 globe ice lanterns - one for each of the 8 days plus a shamash. If a blue glow is desired, little blue string lights or blue LED lights can be used in lieu of standard candles.




    Winter Nighttime Festivals - Ice Luminary sculptures can be made in one large spectacular group or they can be scattered throughout an event to add charm to every corner.Ice Luminary Custom Pricing
    Basic Exterior Installation




    Memorials - Globe ice lanterns are a wonderful way to remember and honor the departed during Christmas. It is a cherished Finnish tradition to place “ice candles” or ice lanterns on the graves of loved ones in the cemetery on Christmas Eve. This beautiful tradition can be extended to include New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or to commemorate the day of passing.