Hearts of Ice for Valentine's Day

Jennifer Shea Hedberg | 08 February, 2020

Valentine's Day Ice Project for 2020

Well, technically, the headline really should read, "hearts IN ice" for this fun and beautiful Valentine's Day ice luminary project! 

If you have my book, Ice Luminary Magic, this heartwarming ice idea uses the same logic as I used to secure the eyeballs in the Crepe Paper Lantern on page 139 (see the photo description).

plastic hearts in package from dollar store

I purchased some red plastic hearts from a dollar store. They are designed to be opened and filled with candy so they should be pulled apart before gluing--instantly doubling the number of hearts that can be used.

remove plastic hangers

If you are channeling Martha Stewart, you might want to break off the little pieces of red plastic with the hole in it as it could be distracting in the finished product.

glue dot on front of plastic heart

Place a very small dot of hot glue on the front of each heart shape . . .

glue to inside of bucket

 . . . and position on the inside of a bucket.

arrange hearts in a random pattern

Remember - the less hot glue you use the better. It will make it easier to remove the ice when it is done freezing.

Now follow instructions for a Bucket Ice Lantern found on page 19 of my book. Fill the bucket with water and put somewhere to freeze. Allow it to freeze until the ice has formed all the way around the plastic hearts. Make sure to insulate the bottom and or top of the bucket to insure at least one end of the ice lantern remains unfrozen allowing the water that does not freeze to be drained out.

When the ice has formed to your satisfaction, remove the ice from the bucket and light up with sunlight, as these pictures show, or use LED lights or a candle! See page 20 for lighting suggestions.

Cockeyed view of Ice Hearts Lantern Ice Wrangler Wintercraft

heart centered wintercraft ice wrangler

Enjoy the Glow!

-- Jennifer Shea Hedberg, The Ice Wrangler


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