Hack Em' Off for Warmth

Tom Hedberg | 03 December, 2020

Wintercraft Cut 'Em Off for Warmth Smurfy Blues Wrist Warmers and Ice

Looking for a simple life HACK to make your winter life a little warmer? Read on . . .




If you are like me, when the temperatures start to drop, you sort through your thermal socks and find a few of these well worn soldiers:

Wintercraft Cut Off for Warmth Blog Hole in Sock

Before you toss them in the garbage, they can keep working for you in a wonderful way . . . Make them in to wrist warmers! Perfect partners for my life-changing Smurfy Blues. These amazing gloves are insulated and waterproof, but have WIDE OPEN wrists, which make them easy to put on and off, but can leave your wrists exposed!


Here's the HACK: (The process is easy, but I will illustrate with photos.) 


START by finding a pair of socks that no longer serve their original purpose. This pair were too big for anyone in my house, so they went unused. 

Wintercraft Cut Off for Warmth Blog Thermal Socks


Cut the foot portion away from the ankle portion.

Wintercraft Cut Off for Warmth Blog Cut Socks


I know the natural inclination is to put the sock on so the cuff is around your wrist, but it works much better to put the socks on your wrists so the cut side is by your fingers.

Wintercraft Cut Off for Warmth Blog Sock on Hand


Put on a pair of Smurfy Blues! 

Wintercraft Cut Off for Warmth Blog Smurfy Blues with Wrist Warmers


You can see that the ragged edge rolls up to make a perfect seal inside the Smurfy Blue gloves, but the gloves can still go on and off with ease!

Wintercraft Cut Off for Warmth Blog Rolled Up Sock to Seal in Warmth


So now you can head outside and your hands will stay even warmer while playing with water, snow and ice! TIP: A side benefit is that they work great as an eco-friendly nose wiper on a chilly day--just throw them in the washer when your outdoor adventure comes to an end.  

Wintercraft Cut Off for Warmth Blog Smurfy Blues with Wrist Warmer

So get out there and have fun . . .


P.S. Has the fluffy insides of your Smurfy Blues become worn down with use? It might be time retire them to indoor use and get a fresh pair. You can find these life-changers on the WINTERCRAFT website.


Enjoy the Glow!
Jennifer Shea Hedberg - The Ice Wrangler

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