Custom Creations

Jennifer Shea Hedberg Private Installation Wintercraft 

What is a Custom Ice Luminary Creation?

Wintercraft® Custom Ice Luminary Creations are ice lanterns in all shapes and sizes incorporating globe and bucket ice lanterns and/or organically-shaped ice glass and other forms. Lit with candles or LED lights, custom creations can be used indoors or outdoors and can also be mixed with greens or flowers. A globe can be delivered to the front step of loved one for a personal celebration or an elaborate display of multiple globes and ice glass can be created based on your needs and desires.  Please contact us with your ideas for incorporating Wintercraft® Custom Ice Luminary Creations into your memorable event. We can assist with most any size event. We show some photos below and also visit an ongoing blog post here.

Please contact us well ahead of time for weekends as we tend to book up well in advance on the busiest times.

Although we're happy to drive or fly in for your event (extra charges do apply), the majority of our custom installations are in the Minneapolis-St Paul area. Over time, we'll be setting up a network of official Wintercraft professionals in other areas, so stay tuned.

For the Minneapolis/St Paul area, installations start at $275. In addition, we sell finished globes for pick-up or delivery that one can set-up on their own. 


Wintercraft Table Decoration Ice Lantern Centerpiece Event
This the title
Wintercraft Beautiful Orange Ice Lantern
Wintercraft Globe Ice Lantern in Birdbath Winter Landscaping
Wintercraft By the Fireplace Centerpiece Globe Ice Lantern

Jennifer Shea Hedberg large snow and ice sculpture wintercraft

Ice Luminary Custom Pricing

Basic Exterior Installation
  • 4 Small and 2 Large Globe Ice Lanterns $275
  • Add a Basic Birdbath Globe and Wreath Topper $135
  • Deluxe Exterior Installation
  • 8 Small and 4 Large Globe Ice Lanterns $400
  • Add a Basic Birdbath Globe and Wreath Topper $135
  • Custom Interior Display/Centerpiece
  • Start at $275
  • If purchased with Exterior Installation start at $150
  • Custom Exterior Installation
  • Artistic Design: Jennifer Shea Hedberg
  • Small and Large Globe Ice Lanterns 
  • And/or Ice Glass start at $900
  • Finished Globes
  • Pick-up by appointment or Delivery – Twin Cities Metro Area (within 494/694 loop) $50 ;
  • Small $25; Large $35 X-Large $60
  • Shipping cost outside of Twin Cities (494/694 loop) can be quoted separately
  • Check our Events Page as we do Classes at different venues on occasion. Prices vary, but $40-55/person is typical.
  • Special Workshop for your individual group.  Call to discuss details.  Prices vary, but generally start at $375.

  • Notes
  • Installation/Delivery: Twin Cities Metro Area (494/694)
  • Other locations please inquire
  • All installations: include one 10hr candle and glass votive candleholder per globe
  • LED light setup extra
  • Exterior installations weather dependent