Crazy Like a Fox!

Jennifer Shea Hedberg | 28 November, 2012

A Wintercraft customer asked:
Is it crazy to put balloons filled with water in the freezer?
No. Not with Wintercaft balloons. Sure stuff happens and we on rare occasion encounter a defective balloon, but it is usually apparent before a balloon has a chance to make it into a freezer.

Truthfully, I make hundreds of globe ice lanterns in my freezer and have not had a issue with balloons breaking/flooding, but I also don't have kids rummaging around in my freezers looking for pizza. So if that is a concern for you, using a flat-bottomed bowl under your freezing base can offer peace of mind.

In a freezer, here is the stacking order I recommend:
Fourth: Water-filled WINTERCRAFT balloon sitting on TOP
Third: Freezing Base
Second: Flat-bottomed bowl
Bottom: Insulation disc on the FLOOR of the freezer
A good option for a flat-bottomed bowl would be the thin, clear plastic basket liners that garden centers sell (see photo). Or, the upside-down tops of catered food trays would work as well. Both have flat bottoms so they are stable and inexpensive!

I will use one of these flat-bottomed plastic bowls if I have cut the top of a balloon off and realize it isn't done yet. If the bottom of the balloon stays on, I will put it back in the freezer in one of these flat-bottomed plastic bowls to catch any water that might leak out.

P.S. Also, if you have any leaking, consider twisting the balloon neck twice before clipping closed. I know it sound silly, but that second twist can make all the difference. Have fun!

Enjoy the Glow!


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