Serendipity at Work in Connecticut

Jennifer Shea Hedberg | 10 March, 2014

Karen's back door radiates with the glow of a candlelit Globe Ice Lantern.

It was indeed a fortuitous happenstance that found us at the home of Karen Bussolini in Kent, Connecticut a few weeks ago. We had decided to head east to help with a photo shoot for a national publication [to be named later] and for the fun of it, opted to try ("...a community marketplace where guests can book spaces from hosts, connecting people who have space to spare with those who are looking for a place to stay.") To our delight, Karen offered her artistically decorated spare bedroom in her cottage that she shares with Homer, her aging lab, and Leaf, a tiger of a kitten.

Tom plotted our course to New Hampshire in Karen's sun filled breakfast room with a wood stove.

When the photo shoot was postponed a week, Karen offered her large and amazingly empty chest freezer to store many of the Globe Ice Lanterns we had brought for the shoot. Thanks again Karen!

Karen is a lifelong gardener/photographer turned garden coach and guest lecturer, so as you can imagine, the winter landscaping surrounding the cottage was perfect. With a henhouse, woodpile and a blanket of white snow, we did not waste much time finding delightful spots to locate and light ice lanterns and icicle castles.

Here are a few photos of our evening...the daytime shots were taken the next morning as we were packing the car.

An Icicle Castle lit with a candle.

The hen house and woodpile offered wonderful nooks for Globe Ice Lanterns.

Two Globe Ice Lanterns on the woodpile.

Karen's steps were covered with ivy that reflected the light from this small Globe Ice Lantern.

One Globe Ice Lantern on the woodpile.

Globe Ice Lantern lit by the sun.

The Icicle Castle lit by the sun.

Karen on her ivy-covered stairs. Thanks Karen! Next stop New Hampshire and the discovery of Bubble Ice Glass…


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