Wintercraft's First Annual Photo Contest Results

Jennifer Shea Hedberg | 23 June, 2014

We're proud to announce the winners of the Wintercraft First Annual Photo Contest! These beautiful images were selected from images submitted by ice lantern enthusiasts who expressed a playfulness with their creations and or found the magic in light in ice. A big THANK YOU to all who entered the photo contest!

The Judging Process: The first step was to display all the entries during Art-a-Whirl (a public art event that attracts tens of thousands of visitors to the arts district of Minneapolis, Minnesota). We asked the visitors to choose their favorite. The photos with the most votes were sent to our judges who submitted their Grand Prize as well as 1st, 2nd, and Honorable Mention selections for all three categories: Indoor, Outdoor Day, and Outdoor Night.

Congratulations to Becky Egeland of St. Paul, Minnesota USA — the Grand Prize winner of the 2014 Wintercraft Photo Contest! Besides being the Grand Prize winner and the 1st Place winner of the Outdoor Night Category, this photo also has the added distinction of being the very first entry that we received back on November 5, 2013. This colorful photo of a Globe Ice Lantern illuminated by colored LED lights was also a top choice by judges and the People's Favorite based on the Art-a-Whirl visitor's votes!

Congratulations to all our winners . . .

Indoor Category

Laura Krueger 1st Place Winner of Indoor Category Wintercraft Photo Contest
Laura Krueger's glowing green orb in a wintery indoor centerpiece captivated many during Art-a-Whirl and the Wintercraft judging panel. She managed to capture the magical quality of light in ice tremendously well - a very difficult challenge!

Gerald Tuttle 2nd Place Indoor Category Wintercraft Photo Contest
Jerry Tuttle submitted several Easter themed photos that delighted the Wintercraft staff and the Art-a-Whirl visitors. "Incredibly creative" was a repeat comment from the judges!

Mary Coleman Honorable Mention Indoor Globe Ice Lantern Photo Contest

I met Mary Coleman while doing a demonstration at the Lyndale Avenue Bachman's Garden Center Store in Minneapolis. She became enthused about making Globe Ice Lantern centerpieces after our lengthy discussion and this photo shows just one of the her many creations. To the delight of her family and guests, this beautiful centerpiece incorporated cherished family Christmas ornaments which sparked memories and conversation. Nicely done Mary!

Outdoor Day Category

Nancy Tuttle 1st Place Outdoor Day Globe Ice Lantern Photo Contest
Nancy Tuttle and her husband Jerry (see above) submitted many options which we loved. The playfulness of their entries was infectious. I loved that both Nancy and Jerry thought WAY outside the box when it came to using Globe Ice Lanterns for just about every holiday. I am waiting to see if they use one for July 4th. Should be exciting!

Trish Billek 2nd Place Outdoor Day Globe Ice Lantern Photo Contest
Trish Billek's entry is classically beautiful. It looks like something you would see in a magazine. Beautiful simple layout with newly fallen snow and gently glowing orb. Perfect!

Lauri Hohman Honorable Mention Globe Ice Lantern Photo Contest
"Lauri Hohman had fun!" is what all of the judges thought. "She must have been like a kid out there with all the colored water-filled balloons and stacking globes in the cold." Brava to Lauri for all her creative entries!

Outdoor Night Category

Becky Egeland 1st Place Outdoor Night Globe Ice Lantern Photo Contest

Becky's entry was also the Grand Prize winner (see above).

Grace David 2nd Place Outdoor Night Globe Ice Lantern Photo Contest
I met Grace while doing a demonstration at the Olbrich Botanical Garden in Madison, Wisconsin. She took the information from that discussion and went crazy! I love the sun etching details on these globes filled with LED lights and so did the judges!

Lauri Hohman Honorable Mention Outdoor Night Globe Ice Lantern Photo Contest
It appears that Lauri has a lot of success with her colored water in the balloons experiments. I hope she lets us in on her secrets for color saturation - very fun!

Thanks again to all who submitted! Our 1st Photo Contest was exciting, inspiring and a learning experience from the first step of the process to the last. As we plan the Wintercraft 2015 Photo Contest, we would love to hear your thoughts and ideas for improvement. We look forward to seeing your best new work!

Enjoy the Glow!

Jennifer Hedberg

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