Gently Falling Snow

Jennifer Shea Hedberg | 24 December, 2012

I woke up this morning to gently falling snow . . .

It is a perfect morning for the day before Christmas when all through the land, many people will be heading off to work, winding their way through stores looking for the last minute gift or enjoying a blissful day off from work . . .

Where will I be? I will be taking a car load of ice glass and ice lanterns to a home in Minneapolis to set up for a Christmas Eve party. I have been looking forward to this one. She is an established client who loves Globe Ice Lanterns and is eagerly awaiting the final installation. With good weather (weatherman approved) it will last until New Year's Eve when she entertains again.

Because her house has a slight incline to the front, I am planning to install a few globes on the large flat boulders that establish her walkway. In the crevices I will put delicate ice flowers that will weave their way to the large "wow" globe near her entrance.

I love what I do. I especially love what I do when the weather cooperates. There is nothing more frustrating that putting in a really fun display only to have it wilt the next day. Think of a florist who puts together an arrangement of flowers in just the right way and then is not allowed to put water in the vase. Eventually one just stops. It is cruel to the flowers.

So now that the weather is cooperating - at least in my neck of the woods - I am going to get out there and have some fun! If you have received a kit as a gift, or you bought the kit as a gift for yourself, I hope you read through the FAQ's on the Wintercraft website, and then set yourself free to experiment!

Before I go, I would like to tip my hat to The General Store of Minnetonka:


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