Ice Luminary Mold “Sheet Ice”

As Wintercraft’s Ice Wrangler, I have made larger versions of Sheet Ice (called “Ice Glass” in my book, Ice Luminary Magic) to use in all sorts ways with my ice luminary sculptures. This Ice Sheet Mold is a reusable, inflatable mold that allows you to make sheets of ice that are 42”x18”. The ice sheet created will have straight edges, but can be broken up to create smaller, more organically shaped pieces. This mold is meant to offer a much easier method for making smaller sheets of ice. To give you a frame of reference, the ice glass pools I typically make in my yard are about 6’ x 8’, but I need snow to be able to make the pools. I often need just a small amount of ice glass for a project and don’t want to go to the effort of making a large pool. I'm hoping this Ice Sheet Mold will fill that need.

Ice Sheets work really well with Projection lights! (See photo with green and purple lights.)