Launching Ice Luminary Magic Book Kickstarter Campaign

Jennifer Shea Hedberg | 02 November, 2018 | 1 Comment

Ice Wrangler's new book, Ice Luminary Magic, ready to launch on Kickstarter

We just launched the Kickstarter campaign for my book, Ice Luminary Magic, and once again I must thank my mom.

As my finger pushed the Kickstarter launch button, here at Wintercraft's world headquarters in NE Minneapolis, Minnesota, we sent our message of icy wonderfulness into the electronic stratosphere with the hope that people will listen. According to Kickstarter, they will — because we have a kickass video! And that's where my mother comes in.

About 3 years ago my mom died rather suddenly and my new passion became finding a way to honor my mom at her funeral. I had seen the cookie-cutter videos offered by funeral homes and they are just fine. But my mom rarely settled for just fine and I knew that she would have liked a more personalized approach. 

So I started researching video editing, scanned in hundreds of photos and videos, and listened to dozens of songs. In the end, I think it worked out wonderfully. It wasn't perfect by a long stretch, but it told her story with love and that's what she would have wanted. 

Video honoring Jen's Mom - Frances Ann Seals Shea

 When I discovered that one of the keys to success for our Ice Luminary Magic Kickstarter campaign would be to create a great video, I called up those old video editing skills. I asked PBS's MN Original if I could use some of the video footage from their interview with me. I also asked Martha Low of Wild Scissors for some video footage when she interviewed me before a class I taught at REI. Throw in some beauty shots of ice luminaries — and there it was — a not-perfect video talking about why I wrote, designed, illustrated and published a book about how to make ice luminaries. I know my mom would have loved watching it! And, I hope you will love the book!

 Thank you so much for your support!

Enjoy the Glow!

-- Jennifer Shea Hedberg, the Ice Wrangler


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22 February, 2021

Carole Jurenovskis

I would be interested in buying your book. Do you have an electronic version. I already bought you kit and love trying different things.


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