It's Revolutionary!

Jennifer Shea Hedberg | 03 November, 2022

The gang here at Wintercraft is thrilled to present a REUSABLE ice luminary mold that is easy to use, collapses to store, and yet also creates fluted, textured ice luminaries within which the light is magical—it's revolutionary!

How can this be, you ask? Because, it's INFLATABLE! 

Watch video about the new mold!

As a new product, quantities are limited, so after reading more about it, this link will lead you to order yours!

Texture in an ice lantern is wonderful. I have dedicated an entire chapter in my book, Ice Luminary Magic, to the subject of texture because every line and curve in the ice make light dance! The Doormat Ice Lantern (p113) and the Finnish Glass Ice Lantern (p157) are two of my favorite projects from that book.

Texture chapter in Ice Luminary Magic book by the Ice Wrangler

I absolutely love adding texture to ice lanterns, so I am elated to be able to offer this product to ice lantern addicts and beginners, as well as everyone in between! 

This new product goes back several years when I happened upon an inflatable beer keg cooler. I bought some to test, of course. I blew one up and filled it with water to make, what I hoped would be, a gigantic textured ice lantern.

Photo with large textured ice lantern at Middlemoon Creekwalk 2019

I displayed the resulting ice lantern (see above) at the 2019 Middlemoon Creekwalk (free community ice luminary event) and it looked fabulous—except I had to cut the mold off the ice—ugh! The pressure of the water at the bottom of the mold forced the sides to bow out making it elegantly curved, but impossible to get the ice out—even when it was deflated. I was deflated. But, the idea was sound, and that lucky find and a somewhat successful test started us down the path to creating an inflatable AND reusable mold with which is is super easy to create texture. 

So how big should the mold be? After decades of working with ice and working with others to make ice luminaries, I had a strong idea of the relative size to aim for.

How big to make the Wintercraft's new inflatable ice luminary mold?

We wanted something small enough that it could be used by everyone, but large enough to create an ice lantern big enough to surprise and delight. Most importantly, it had to release the ice when deflated. It took several heart-stopping attempts until it landed! And finally, from our last test sample, out slid a beautiful, fluted textured ice lantern! We even made it clear so you can watch the ice form. Success! So, we pulled the trigger with the production facility!

The next step was to design the packaging and write-up detailed illustrated instructions.  You can order your fluted mold at this link.

New Wintercraft Fluted Ice Luminary Mold that is INFLATABLE and REUSABLE!

I needed photos for all of it, so I was down at a nearby lake taking pictures of fluted ice lanterns at the water's edge all summer. Strangely, the local ducks seemed unfazed and were drawn to the candlelight glow.

The ducks at our local lake seemed unfazed to be sharing the beach with a glowing shape.

We decided to sell this new mold with an LED light to make it even easier to use. A good quality, waterproof, battery-operated LED light with a 16-color remote is a convenient way to add color! We threw in a piece of iridescent mylar to make the light go even more crazy! 

Ice luminary made with the new Wintercraft Fluted Ice Luminary Mold and lit with LED lights

If you agree with me, that this Fluted Ice Luminary Mold is the best thing since globe ice lanterns, more textured patterns are waiting in the wings. So, let us know your thoughts - we welcome your feedback. We are also eager to see photos of how you display them, so please connect with us on Wintercraft's social media!

Instagram: @wintercraftcommunity 

Facebook: facebook/wintercraft

Not-so-Cowardly Lion loved the LED light in the ice lantern made with the reusable and inflatable Fluted Ice Luminary Mold.

This not-so-cowardly lion loved the LED light in the ice lantern made with the reusable Fluted Ice Luminary Mold.

Enjoy the Glow!
-- Jennifer Shea Hedberg, The Ice Wrangler, @icewrangler


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