CANCELLED 2020 Middlemoon Creekwalk (Lite)

Jennifer Shea Hedberg | 26 February, 2020 | 1 Comment

Middlemoon Cancelled

Sorry everyone, but we must cancel Middlemoon this year

as primary workers are down with flu-like symptoms. 



Middlemoon Creekwalk 2020 Lite!

Friday Night - February 28, 2020

We have decided to take advantage of the forecasted good weather this Friday evening and create a light and casual Middlemoon Creekwalk for ONE NIGHT ONLY! 

What: Middlemoon Creekwalk is a pop-up community ice luminary event in the Lynnhurst neighborhood where friends and neighbors bring ice lanterns down to the creek, light it up with candles and enjoy the magic . . . join us!

This year, because the weather has been challenging, our ice luminary supply is smaller than usual, so we going for a "lite" version - one might say we are "lowering the bar". But, does that mean the ice bar is merely lower to the ground? Seriously, it means we might not be able to make an ice castle or sculptures, but we will do our best and have fun!  Ice luminaries of any size or shape like to do their magic and create an enchanting stroll through the woods.

When: Volunteers will start bringing ice down to the creek anytime from now until before noon on Friday, February 28, 2020. Volunteers will start to light the ice lanterns around 2pm on Friday. Ice Lanterns look the best in photos when taken at dusk.

Where: Middlemoon Creek is the stretch of creek that starts on the south side of Lake Harriet and feeds into Minnehaha Creek just south of 50th Street in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA. For years the ice lanterns were grouped north of the 49th Street foot bridge, but in recent years, we have tried to spread the ice lanterns all the way from the lake to 50th Street. Many thanks to the Lynnhurst Neighborhood Association for once again sponsoring this event.  If possible, the Neighborhood Association volunteers will try to set up fire pits and cocoa on the park side of the foot bridge - it is a delight to reconnect with neighbors as the snow melts away.

How to help: As always, we encourage anyone who wants to help to contact Jen at 612.964.3023 or or just come down to the creek and ask around. 

WALKWAY SAFETY MONITOR: This year we have noticed that there are MANY slippery spots along the walkway. Please take care when walking along the walkway. If you are able, please consider going to one of the hardware stores nearby and purchase a bag of Cherry Stone grit/gravel which is safe to use near waterways, and scatter the grit along the slippery areas of the path! Please do NOT put any chemical ice melt material along the creek walkway!

Ice Lantern Maker: Make ice lanterns in your yard or have older ice lanterns lying around? Bring them down to the creek and light them up with candles! Please do not use LED lights unless you talk to Jen. Please make sure that you place your lanterns at least 10 feet from someone else's ice lanterns and not in a walkway. (It really is best if they can be around 2 feet from the edge of a walkway.)

Bundt Pan Ice: Given the incredibly short notice of this year's event, we will NOT attempt an organized Bundt Pan effort. So, we will NOT have a large bucket by the bridge to collect ice. If you want to make Bundt Pan Ice Lanterns and bring them to the creek to light up, go for it! We would love it!

Ice and Snow Movers: We have a lot of ice in our yard that needs to be moved to the creek. If you feel like you can lift 30+ lbs, or can use a shovel contact Jen at 612.964.3023 or or come to the creek and we can find you a job!

Ice Lanterns Set Up: If you have set up ice lanterns for candle use before come on down! If you have NEVER set up ice lanterns for candle use, come down and we can add you to the team!

Ice Lantern Lighters: We will start to light ice lanterns around 2pm on Friday, February 28, 2020. Never done it before? No worries, we can show you how.

Questions: Contact Jen at 612.964.3023 or

Hope to see you by the creek!

Enjoy the Glow!

-- Jennifer Shea Hedberg, The Ice Wrangler


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26 February, 2020

elizabeth hallowell and paul steinhagen

Walking and thinking about our friend Molli Friday night…will be very special for us…thank you for popping up as hoped…we will be @ her memorial Friday afternoon 28th…love to you for your wonderful gifts shared in ice…eliz and paul

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