Thanksgiving with a Globe Ice Lantern Centerpiece!

Jennifer Shea Hedberg | 24 November, 2013 | 2 Comments

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday--hands down. With the focus on gathering with loved ones, most of whom love growing, cooking and serving delicious food, there are many reasons to celebrate.

In addition to our own family, we now have a new "Wintercraft family": the many kind words of thanks for providing an introduction to the beauty of ice through Globe Ice Lanterns has warmed our hearts.

Yes, it may seem a bit odd, but we are also thankful that this year we have some GOOD COLD weather in Minneapolis prior to Thanksgiving. Reason #1: It is always nice to have a big old refrigerator/freezer just outside the door when making tons of food. Reason #2: It ensures the fact that we will have a Globe Ice Lantern Centerpiece on our table this year!

For those of you in milder climates, you can celebrate with an ice lantern centerpiece as well, because it takes less than a day to make a Globe Ice Lantern in a standard freezer. For how-to's see the Instruction sheet found in every Wintercraft Globe Ice Lantern Kit.

How long does it take to freeze a Globe Ice Lantern in a freezer?

Basically, for an ice lantern that is about the size of a soccer ball, it take 20 hours in my overhead standard freezer. But it is IMPORTANT TO NOTE that most standard freezers run at very different temperatures, so it is highly recommended to check your water-filled balloon after about 12 hours and then every 4-6 hours the first time you make one in your freezer.

So to start, fill a Wintercraft Ice Lantern Balloon according to the directions and put it in your freezer when you go to bed. Then check it when you wake up in the morning. It should have a nice crust but should probably go through the day. When I say "check", I mean push on the balloon and see how firm the ice is - DO NOT POP the balloon yet. It's o.k. if the shell cracks as that actually can add depth as the ice forms.

Check it again around dinnertime. If the ice feels solid, lift the balloon out of the freezer and turn it upside down so the unfrozen side is up over a sink. Gently test the edges of the ice to see how thick the ice has become. If the ice feels thick or the unfrozen area of the balloon feel slushy, it is likely ready.  

Our family's Thanksgiving is pretty simple and so our table centerpiece is simply beautiful: a Globe Ice Lantern centerpiece. Circled in grape ivy and berried twigs brings an extra touch. It's fun to know that others are also adding some sparkle to the family table and embracing the beauty of the coming season.

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22 January, 2022

Tom Hedberg

Cathy: So sorry, but somehow just saw your comment. It may be too late… but, yes, we can ship most anywhere. Just shipping a centerpiece (without the ice) is MUCH easier, but we have shipped the ice as well…it can get spendy, but can also be unique! if this is something of interest again, please send us an inquiry vis at the contact form on the website. Thanks!

22 January, 2022

Cathy Dorazio

Do you guys ship centerpieces to NY?

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