Book: Ice Luminary Magic

The Ice Wrangler


Ever since I successfully created my first sheet of Ice Glass, I became obsessed with experimenting with ice! I fell in love with this artistic medium that is fragile yet strong and sparkling yet dense. In a sense, Ice Luminary Magic is my opus. It is the aggregation of a lifetime of spraying, lugging, coloring, gluing, stretching, wiring and playing with ice.


In order to manipulate ice, it's helpful to understand the science that applies to ice luminary creation, so the first chapter is called Ice Logic. The basic shape tutorials comes next, followed by Display Logic. Then I lay out all the projects which fall under the headings: Changing the Shape, Applying Texture, Freezing Objects into Ice and Building Projects.  And did I mention the photos? I have been lucky enough to have amateur and professional photographers capture some of my ice instillations, so the book is filled with beautiful images that hopefully will get your creative juices flowing.


Ice Luminary Magic will make an interesting corporate gift, hostess gift, birthday gift or a gift to yourself! Just in time for the holidays and useful all winter, the book will be available early December 2018.  We anticipate the book at $29.99 with special pricing for multiple copies.


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